12 Best E-commerce Agencies That Will Boost Your Sales

Do you want to take better advantage of the e-commerce boom? Well, there’s no time like the present right?

It comes as no surprise to a lot of us that the e-commerce world of marketing is growing bigger and better each and every year.

It’s also worth keeping up to date with how this dynamic online world continues to evolve to meet rising consumer demands.

So let’s take a look at what the e-commerce landscape looks like today and how we can take advantage of these amazing e-commerce opportunities available to us all!

In this article, we will also cover the best digital marketing agencies for E-commerce businesses and the best Shopify marketing agencies.

    The Growth of E-commerce

    Worldwide e-commerce sales reached a whooping $3.5 trillion USD in 2020, showing a marked 18% increase from the previous year.

    However, recent statistics reveal that the global retail market still remains the ‘king of the castle,’ with e-commerce only taking 14.1% of the global pie.

    Following these trends, e-commerce is expected to double by 2023, to more than $6.5 billion.

    What’s more is that e-commerce outside of the United States is gaining traction, with 1.4 billion people expected to join the world’s middle class. In 2021, 2.1 billion shoppers are expected to buy goods and services using online platforms.

    Now that gives us a bit of perspective!

    Here are some more fascinating e-commerce trends worth taking note of…

    So the question is, how do we, as businesses, take advantage of this rise in demand for online stores?

    Well, if you haven’t already developed an online store and strong online presence, then it’s best to get started!

    There are a great deal of valuable e-commerce tools out there for you to try out, as well as different e-commerce strategies, such as email marketing campaigns.

    You also have two major options as a brand or business, when it comes to e-commerce: either hire someone in house to manage your e-commerce marketing approach, or hire an external e-commerce agency.

    We believe that by hiring an external e-commerce agency, will usually generate a much higher return on a smaller annual investment. By hiring a suitable e-commerce agency, you will be opening yourself up to an entire team full of expertise and experience in this often complicated e-commerce world. An even better approach is to hire an in house employee to focus on e-commerce, while also using an external agency at the same time.

    An agency is also well equipped to handle the typical challenges that come with e-commerce. These challenges can include: ensuring the security and privacy of online transactions; exposure to online viruses and attackers; and knowing how to implement secure online payment options.

    Having a group of knowledgeable people behind you on these challenges, will certainly give you greater peace of mind.

    So how exactly does one find a suitable e-commerce agency? Well, there’s no need to look any further!

    To save you sifting through endless possible e-commerce agencies, that may or may not be able to meet your needs, we have gone ahead and done the hard work for you. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the best e-commerce agencies available for you to hire across the globe.

    But first, let’s take you through how we selected them.

    How We Evaluated These Agencies

    Looking at these e-commerce agencies, we evaluated whether they were able to meet the following key criteria, and if they did, we included them in our list:

    • Business understanding – an agency takes the time to understand how each client functions and what makes them unique to other clients. It is also important that an agency offers sound business expertise, such as knowing how to practically generate more sales. etc.
    • Technical expertise – they also have an excellent grasp of the technological side of things, offering services for front end development, setting up platforms and performing integrations.
    • Best practice methodology – they are ahead of the game when it comes to implementing best practice marketing practices, such as using the right tools and templates.
    • Good track record and excellent service – looking at their case studies and past clients, they have always delivered excellent results and services.

    9 Best E-commerce Agencies Worldwide


    These guys are ahead of the game when it comes to e-commerce marketing. Considered as one of the major industry leaders, Amercaneagle.com are a one-stop-shop for any business looking to take their online marketing to the next level.

    Their comprehensive team of experts offer skills in a wide range of e-commerce strategies. The company has been in this type of business since 1995, with all shapes and sizes of brands and businesses.

    It is also a private, family-owned, company that takes the uniqueness of each of their clients very seriously.


    • Web design & development
    • E-commerce
    • Digital strategy & consulting
    • Hosting & security
    • Integration
    • Post launch support
    • A/B testing
    • Mobile solutions

    Location: throughout America, such as New York, Washington, D.C., and Dallas.

    Website: https://www.americaneagle.com/


    Shero is a well-rounded marketing agency, that specializes in B2B and B2C solutions, partnering with e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, Ambientia and BigCommerce.

    From their inception, they have remained ahead of the latest marketing technology and trends. Shero is also known for offering valuable marketing services to all of their clients and in taking the time to understand the various business operations unique to each client.

    You won’t believe it, but this amazing agency was birthed from a basement in 2010 and has become a sought-after e-commerce agency in the industry today.

    They have worked for clients like the New York Times and the Guggenheim Museum.

    Shero E commerce Agency


    • B2B and B2C e-commerce
    • Growth and marketing
    • CRO
    • Analytics
    • Design & planning
    • Audits
    • SEO

    Location: New York, London, Helsinki and Tirana.

    Website: https://sherocommerce.com/


    5874Commerce is an award-winning marketing agency based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. They focus on developing quality modular marketing approaches and sustainable online e-commerce solutions.

    5874Commerce is known for working closely with their clients, ensuring a unique e-commerce marketing strategy is developed according to each of their needs. They offer high-quality services through their specialized team of web developers, SEO experts, graphic designers and digital marketers.

    They have worked for well-known clients, such as Johnnie Walker and Virbac.

    5874Commerce Agency


    • E-commerce
    • Digital marketing
    • Branding
    • Integration
    • Property marketing

    Location: Birmingham, London and Austin (Texas)

    Website: https://5874commerce.com/


    Atmosol is an innovative marketing e-commerce agency that offers a decade of technical experience and insight into e-commerce marketing. They are well-known for developing sophisticated and functional mobile responsive marketing designs.

    Their team of professionals includes certified Magento and BigCommerce developers, offering a full-service marketing service from start to finish. They also take the time to be engrossed in the world of their clients, in order to seek the best e-commerce approach that will fit the need and desire for each client.

    Atmosol are used by a number of popular brands, such as Red Bull, MTV, Gillette and Tortuga.

    Atmosol E commerce Marketing Agency


    • Development
    • Graphic design
    • UX/UI design
    • Digital marketing
    • Branding and communication
    • Mobile development

    Location: Chandler, Arizona

    Website: https://atmosol.com/

    Classy Llama

    This uniquely named e-commerce agency offer their clients with a very professional and personalized marketing development experience. With 125 commerce sites and more than 500 customizations and integrations, they are well-equipped for meeting the needs of each of their clients.

    Classy Llama have worked with a wide range of business types, and are even acquainted with developing unique marketing strategies for complex niche industries, such as firearms, motor vehicles and the outdoors.

    Their large team of marketing experts offer services in e-commerce consulting, marketing, design, development and support.

    Classy Llama Marketing solutions


    • E-commerce website development
    • Digital marketing
    • Operations
    • UX/CRO
    • Consulting
    • Support

    Location: Springfield, Missouri

    Website: https://www.classyllama.com/


    Northern is a full-service marketing agency that is known for delivering high-quality and innovative e-commerce solutions. This is Canada’s only Elite BigCommerce agency and also have offices in London.

    They work with a number of different type of clients across the globe. From each stage, from planning to promotion, they ensure each of their clients are able to launch a sustainable and profitable digital store.

    Northern is Canada’s leading Magento e-commerce development agency, offering specialized Magento 2 e-commerce website developments.

    They also offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions.

    Northern Canada's leading Magento Agency


    • Strategy & consulting
    • Design & UX
    • Development & integrations
    • Marketing
    • E-commerce SEO
    • E-commerce CRO

    Location: Toronto, London

    Website: https://www.northern.co/


    Guidance is recognized as a leading e-commerce agency, offering a broad range of expertise and experience. Based in Los Angeles, they have been working in the e-commerce industry for the past 25 years.

    The agency works with a wide range of clients across different fields, from B2B, fashion, health, food and beverage, motor vehicles, home industry, luxury goods and sports and outdoor. They provide marketing services in e-commerce strategy, creative/design, system integration, development, mobile optimization, analytics and testing.

    They have worked for many popular brands, such as Ray Ban, Gearys Beverly Hills, Baker Hughes, Yamaha and Hyundai.

    They take any business under their wing, whether a business is new to e-commerce or wants to improve their existing online reach, they are fully-equipped to meet all unique marketing objectives.

    Guidance E commerce Solutions


    • Web design
    • Website development: Magento, Episerver, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce
    • Strategy and consulting
    • B2B and B2C

    Location: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, New York and Austin.

    Website: https://www.guidance.com/

    Plum Tree Group

    The Plum Tree Group is a comprehensive digital e-commerce agency, that focuses on developing e-commerce businesses through innovative marketing strategies. Their services include website design, development, marketing and maintenance.

    The e-commerce agency is based in Chicago, with additional offices across the globe.

    The Plum Tree Group also offers additional marketing services, such as through Salesforce, and digital marketing through Google and Amazon.

    Other marketing solutions include product personalization (real-time visualization), systems integration (ERP, OMS, POS, CRM, etc.) and data migration.

    The Plum Tree Group Marketing Agency


    • Strategy
    • Marketing
    • CRO
    • Email campaigns
    • SEO/PPC
    • Affiliate management
    • A/B and multivariate testing and mobile optimization.

    Location: Chicago, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, India and Maine.

    Website: https://www.plumtreegroup.net/


    Calashock is a digital specialist BigCommerce design agency, that works primarily with SMEs and mid-market brands.

    These guys are at the top of their game when it comes to reaching the full potential of what SaaS e-commerce marketing platforms have to offer.

    Calashock is based in Europe, and in the United States, enabling them to comfortably work with large and enterprise clients across different continents.

    Big clients include Ford UK, Kier, Kimbo Espresso Italiano and Consensio supply chain engineering.

    Calashack E commerce


    • Website design and development
    • E-commerce design
    • Search engine marketing
    • Brand design
    • CRO
    • UX
    • Email Marketing

    Location: London, New York and Estonia.

    Website: https://calashock.com/

    3 Best Shopify Marketing Agencies

    Shopify continues to rise in popularity in the world of e-commerce, due to its user-friendly functions and integrated online payment options.

    While it is user-friendly, there are dedicated Shopify agencies out there who can help you gain the most from the amazing benefits this e-commerce platform has to offer.

    Here is a concise list of some of the best Shopify agencies out there today!

    Eastside Co

    Eastside Co is one of the leading and trusted Shopify Plus Partners today and offer a wide range of marketing services.

    They are based in Birmingham and also have offices in London, New York, Dubai and Frankfurt.

    When it comes to understanding a client’s business, they really take it seriously, and try to develop a marketing strategy in line with the uniqueness of each client. They offer the following Shopify related services, including SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.


    Stryde is a full-service Shopify Expert Partner, offering all the marketing services needed for a business to gain the most from the Shopify platform.

    They offer their specialized Shopify services to all shapes and sizes of businesses. Which include SEO, Facebook and paid social, paid search/SEM, conversion and optimization and email marketing.

    Stryde also works for companies who might already use Shopify, but who are looking to improve or maximize their marketing efforts. These include site migration, setting up e-commerce tracking and improving SEO.

    Eleven Commerce

    Eleven Commerce is a highly-skilled Shopify marketing agency, that offers a dynamic team of creative and technical experts.

    They have a strong data-drive approach when developing marketing strategies and offer their services to both small and large companies.

    They offer digital marketing, website design and consulting services. In terms of digital marketing services they provide practical guidance on email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing, among others.

    Some Final Thoughts…

    So whether you are new or already established in e-commerce, it’s definitely worth getting in touch with an experienced agency, who can help take your online store to a whole new level. After all, we all want to find simpler ways to generate more sales, in the most effective way possible.

    There can be so much to consider if you’re trying to do it on your own, whether it’s web design, hosting, SEO, payment options and security transactions, user experience, storing on the cloud, and the list goes on.

    And these e-commerce agencies can offer you a great deal of valuable and insightful experience and guidance along the way.

    It might take a bit of time to find the right e-commerce agency suited to your business, so why not start getting in touch with the ones that appeal to you the most and seeing where the wave of opportunity takes you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an e-commerce agency?

    An e-commerce agency is a team of marketing experts who partner with your business to help you reach your unique marketing goals and in developing a strong online store. They primarily do this through various creative, technological and marketing services. Check out our full list of the best e-commerce agencies available across the globe.

    What are the best e-commerce agencies?

    The best e-commerce agencies, who are a step above the rest, are Americaneagle.com, 5874Commerce, Guidance and Calashock. See our article to find out what makes these agencies so great, as well as our full review of the 12 best e-commerce agencies in the world today.

    How to evaluate e-commerce agencies?

    When selecting an e-commerce agency for your business, make sure they have some sound 'business-sense' and that they not only offer technological or creative experience. It is important for an e-commerce agency to have a good grasp of your unique business and how to practically generate more sales. Our full article will take you through some other key criteria, as well as some of the best e-commerce agencies out there today.








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