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Crowdfunding Marketing Agencies: Ultimate 9 to Surpass Your Funding Goals in 2024 [Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 22 minute read Marketing Agencies

The average successful crowdfunding campaign raises over $28,000. In North America alone, crowdfunding has generated over $17 billion in investments.

It’s safe to say that there are loads of lucrative opportunities in crowdfunding, but it’s far from easy to secure those investments! And only around 22% of crowdfunding campaigns are successful.

So, what’s the best way to achieve your crowdfunding goals? What sets the 22% of successful campaigns apart from the rest?

The answer is simple: crowdfunding marketing!

When your campaign is properly marketed and promoted, you’re able to reach the right investors and get them (emotionally and financially) invested in your project. 

You have to consider many aspects to secure crowdfunding. Like building a community, gaining authority and credibility, generating hype and buzz for your concept, and, of course, creating a great crowdfunding page and pitch. 

Good crowdfunding marketing also builds a community and a pool of engaged and enthusiastic people who will support you after you launch and be the foundation of your post-launch marketing.

Getting it right is a challenge, especially if you’re not a marketing expert and you have minimal resources, which applies to most people looking for crowdfunding!

This is where an expert crowdfunding marketing agency comes in.

An experienced agency knows exactly which marketing tactics to use to successfully promote your crowdfunding campaign, and they know how to get you the most mileage out of a limited marketing budget.

So, how do you find the best crowdfunding marketing agencies? And what services do these they provide?

To answer all your questions, we have a detailed review of the best crowdfunding marketing agencies, the services they offer, and why you should choose them for your campaign. 


Let’s get started!

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    What is Crowdfund Marketing?

    Crowdfunding marketing is a strategy startups use before, during, and after their crowdfunding efforts. The purpose of crowdfunding marketing is to engage a large group of investors and have them fund your project or business. Rather than securing a few big investments, crowdfund marketing is about engaging typical people to make many small donations.

    Summary: What is Crowdfund Marketing?

    Crowdfund marketing is a strategy used to successfully promote a crowdfunding campaign. It involves identifying the right investors to market the campaign to, and then using a variety of marketing tactics to attract and engage them.

    Source: Marketing 360

    What are Crowdfunding Platforms and How do They Work?

    A crowdfunding platform is an online platform that allows startups to market themselves and connect with investors. When you promote your brand on crowdfunding platforms, you’ll use a video and optimized account (with details of your business, track record, and potential) to gain the attention of investors. Some of the top crowdfunding platforms include GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo.

    Your crowdfunding platform will charge a fee for any investments you secure through its portal. Kickstarter charges 5% of your total funds raised, and Indiegogo chargers 5%, but only if you’ve reached your funding goal. GoFundMe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.

    The typical user demographics on crowdfunding platforms are Millennials followed by Gen X’ers. To be specific, your average backers on crowdfunding platforms are between 24 and 35 years old, with those over 45 less likely to invest in projects. Forbes also confirms that men are more likely to back crowdfunding projects!

    By 2021, the crowdfunding market size was worth over $13 billion. And by 2028, this figure is projected to reach over $28 billion. There’s no doubt that crowdfunding will continue to boom, giving startups more opportunities to scale.

    Summary: What are Crowdfunding Platforms and How do They Work?

    Crowdfunding platforms are online platforms where brands can market their business concepts and investors can invest in or make donations to these brands. The most popular crowdfunding platforms include GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter. You have to pay a fee for using these platforms to run your crowdfunding campaign, and the fee structures differ from platform to platform.

    What Services Do Crowdfund Marketing Agency’s Offer?

    The crowdfunding marketing services agencies offer include paid media advertising, discovery and strategy, videography and photography, equity crowdfunding, PR, influencer marketing, email marketing, pre-launch lead generation and copywriting.

    Let’s explore each service and what it entails:

    Paid Media Advertising

    Crowdfunding marketing agencies offer paid media advertising to help startups gain traction to their business concepts. Paid media advertising includes ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Agencies use paid media advertising for brand awareness and to target the best potential investors and buyers. In this way, they can reach a large number of targeted people without spending a fortune. Pay per click (PPC) ads are a great option for this, and your agency will know how to get the most from them.

    Discovery and Strategy

    Your crowdfunding marketing agency will understand all the ins and outs of your brand concept to discover the best crowdfunding opportunities and platforms. These agencies will also develop a custom strategy for your brand, detailing your entire crowdfunding roadmap, from creating your profile on crowdfunding platforms to leveraging marketing strategies for engagement and setting investment goals.

    Videography and Photography

    Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter require killer videos to attract investors. Fortunately, the best crowdfunding marketing agencies offer expert videography and photography services. Using their expertise, your agency will ensure you market your business concept and promote your values through engaging videos and top-tier photography. The better your media, like videos and photos, the more professional your brand will come across.

    Equity Crowdfunding

    Are you looking for a different approach to crowdfunding? Equity crowdfunding is a process where business owners give investors equity in their brands in exchange for investments. Your crowdfunding marketing agency will guide you through your brand’s best equity crowdfunding strategy, the top platforms to use, and how to create content that attracts investors in this space. What’s more is that your crowdfunding agency can also help you build and maintain relationships with investors, to attract more donations to your brand concept!

    Public Relations

    Every startup needs a sound PR strategy to get its name out there. With fantastic PR, you’ll develop credibility and authority, making your brand look more attractive to investors. Your crowdfunding agency will use research and industry connections to build a tailored PR strategy. They will set custom KPIs and measure specific metrics to ensure your brand achieves your desired reach and traction. Many agencies also have helped their clients feature in major online publications like Bloomberg and BusinessInsider.

    Influencer Marketing

    Crowdfunding marketing is all about promoting a business concept before it’s real. Influencer marketing can boost your efforts by equipping your startup with credibility and authority. We know that people trust influencers’ recommendations. So, your crowdfunding marketing agency will find the top influencers for your business concept and help your brand drive interest and awareness through influencer marketing. Some agencies may also manage, retain and engage your influencer network.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing works for crowdfunding marketing because you can engage potential investors by sending marketing material directly to their inboxes. This practice allows brands to create brand-centric content to persuade investors and raise awareness about their concept. With a robust email marketing strategy and the best tools, you can track your email leads and identify which investors need an extra push and which are close to donating. Through email marketing, you can also retain and engage existing investors.

    Pre-launch Lead Generation

    Before launching your business concept, you must secure leads that are interested in investing. Doing this allows you to solidify a list of investors, so when you launch your crowdfunding campaign you have several donations lined up. Your crowdfunding marketing agency will use methods like paid ad campaigns, email marketing, and influencer marketing to drive qualified leads to your crowdfunding campaign. Agencies also know what marketing material crowdfunding leads need invest and how to personalize your strategies to engage with high-value leads.


    Copywriting matters for crowdfunding marketing because you’re selling a concept, not an existing business. Strategic copywriting optimizes your chance of finding investors that recognize your values and believe in your concept. Your crowdfunding marketing agency will help you stand out from your competitors, and leverage copywriting that speaks to your target audience. You can count on a well-rounded, tailored copywriting strategy for your crowdfunding profile, paid media campaign content, and email newsletters.

    Social Media Marketing

    Creating a social media strategy and developing your channels, building your following and creating an engaged community on social media is one of the most important ways to promote your campaign, and later your project. Agencies know how to do this quickly and effectively for you.

    Cross Promotions

    Cross promotions allow you to reach new audiences that are relevant to your campaign and your project by partnering with other brands or campaigns that are complementary to yours. They market you to their audience, and you market them to yours. In this way, you both reach a larger but still relevant audience and provide additional value to your own audience. Agencies can help you find and collaborate with the best partners for your campaign, at each stage of your journey.

    Summary: What Services do Crowdfund Marketing Agency’s Offer?

    • Paid Media Advertising
    • Discovery and Strategy
    • Videography and Photography
    • PR
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Pre-launch Lead Generation
    • Copywriting
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Cross Promotions

    The Top 9 Crowdfunding Marketing Agencies

    There are loads of crowdfunding marketing agencies out there but finding the really good ones is a challenge.

    To save you the time, we have found the best crowdfunding marketing agencies to review here, including the services they offer, who they’ve worked with and why to choose them:




    Barcelona, Spain

    Our Score




    Founded: 2012

    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Number of Employees: 8


    • Crowdfunding
    • Performance-driven marketing
    • Budget forecasting
    • eCommerce marketing campaigns
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Video marketing


    • NordGreen
    • Tropic Feel
    • Zelos Watches


    Backercamp has worked with over 5000 crowdfunding projects to connect startups with quality investors. This agency will optimize your brand crowdfunding portfolio through video marketing, budget forecasting and reporting, and analytics.

    Backercamp is a crowdfunding marketing agency that focuses on advertising your businesses to crowdfunding investors. This agency will help you plan and forecast your budget and leverage reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions. Backercamp also works on eCommerce marketing campaigns. The point of this agency is to help startups build an impressive crowdfunding portfolio to attract top-tier investors and gain credibility. What’s more about Backercamp is they work on a performance-based model. This means you’ll pay for their services once they’ve achieved results!

    Backercamp_crowdfunding agencies
    Source: Backercamp


    rainfactory_crowdfunding marketing agencies


    Oakland, USA 

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Location: HQ in Oakland, California with offices in Washington DC, USA

    Number of Employees: 31


    • Crowdfunding
    • New market research
    • Brand positioning
    • YouTube marketing
    • Google ads
    • Email marketing
    • PR
    • Influencer outreach
    • Social community management


    • Target
    • Fluent Forever
    • Mifold


    Rainfactory is the agency you want to work with for full-service crowdfunding marketing. They’ve launched over 32 crowdfunding campaigns worth over $1 million, generated over $500 million in their first quarter’s sales, and helped startups achieve 40 to 100% year-over-year growth.

    Rainfactory offers a 360-degree solution for crowdfunding marketing. Specializing in online businesses, this agency works on your brand’s strategy, design, and advertising for live launches and crowdfunding traction. As they understand the digital marketing environment and online customers, Rainfactory will provide a bespoke crowdfunding roadmap for your businesses. Your roadmap may include digital strategies like social community management, paid ad campaigns, PR, YouTube marketing, and email marketing. Rainfactory can also deliver solutions for market research and positioning, new product launches, and eCommerce growth.

    rainfactory_crowdfunding marketing agencies
    Source: Rainfactory

    3.Glide Agency

    glide agency_crowdfunding marketing agencies

    Glide Agency

    Perth, Australia 

    Our Score




    Founded: 2007

    Location: Perth, Australia

    Number of Employees: 15


    • Crowdfunding
    • Paid ad campaigns
    • Landing page development
    • Media planning and buying
    • Organic search strategy
    • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)


    • LITT
    • Tiller
    • BBT Club


    Glide Agency is a top choice for crowdfunding marketing agencies as they’ve raised over $30 million for equity crowdfunding. Working with this agency, Tiller secured $2.2 million in funding, and BBT Club raised over $1.6 million! You can count on this agency to help you build an online reputation for maximum crowdfunding opportunities.

    Glide Agency is all about equity crowdfunding and has an impressive track record of securing funding for startups. As a Meta and Google Business Partner, you can trust Glide Agency has results-driven marketing strategies to put your startup in the limelight. You can boost your crowdfunding marketing through services like media planning and buying, budget forecasting, organic search campaigns, paid ad campaigns, and CRO. Glide Agency will find the best channels and tactics to connect your business with high-quality investors while stimulating your online presence, authority, credibility, and engagement.

    Glide agency
    Source: Glide Agency




    San Diego, USA

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Location: San Diego, California, USA

    Number of Employees: 24


    • Crowdfunding
    • Predictive analytics
    • Community marketing
    • Paid media campaigns
    • eCommerce marketing


    • LOMI
    • AWOL
    • Tandem Showers


    LaunchBoom is one of the best crowdfunding marketing agencies because they offer specialized services for crowdfunding and eCommerce marketing. This agency will help you through community marketing and paid media campaigns. They provide data-driven strategies to ensure your success. LaunchBoom also has many resources on crowdfunding, so you can become a pro!

    LaunchBoom is a team of crowdfunding and Kickstarter experts. Unlike many crowdfunding marketing agencies, they rely on in-depth data to create tailored strategies and secure funding. LaunchBoom offers two service types – launching via crowdfunding and scaling via eCommerce marketing. This combination of expert services will give your brand the boost it needs. This agency has many partnerships to validate its success. They’re a certified Kickstarter and a certified expert in Shopify, Google Ads, Tik Tok, and Facebook Meta. And if you thought this was enough, think again! LaunchBoom also offers various resources to learn about crowdfunding and take advantage of lucrative opportunities.

    Source: LaunchBoom


    Growth Turbine_crowdfunding marketing agencies


    Ottawa, Canada

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Number of Employees: 6


    • Crowdfunding
    • Paid media campaigns
    • Content strategy
    • Budget planning
    • Real-time analytics
    • Market validation testing
    • eCommerce marketing
    • PR
    • Branding


    • Wefunder


    Opt for Growth Turbine if you’re in any of these sectors, SaaS, B2B, Blockchain, NFT, D2C, EdTech, and Apps. This agency is the perfect choice for brands looking for AI-powered marketing strategies that focus on brand growth and perfecting your brand to appeal to top-tier investors. While Growth Turbine doesn’t say much about its clients, don’t overlook this agency.

    Growth Turbine is the ultimate crowdfunding agency to secure rapid brand growth! This agency has been featured in major publications like Business Insider, Inc. and Yahoo Finance. They help startup businesses through a full-service offering, including content strategy, budge forecasting, product validation, eCommerce marketing, and tailored branding. You can also work with Growth Turbine to create and deploy customer-centric paid ad campaigns. What makes Growth Turbine unique is its use of AI-powered technology to find the best market and finance opportunities and challenges for your brand to leverage.

    Growth Turbine
    Source: Growth Turbine

    6.Agency 2.0

    Agency2.0_crowdfunding marketing agencies

    Agency 2.0

    Austin, USA

    Our Score




    Founded: 2010

    Location: Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, USA

    Number of Employees: 7


    • Crowdfunding
    • Paid media campaigns
    • Video marketing
    • Kickstarter page development
    • Live campaign launch
    • eCommerce marketing


    • Rite Press
    • MOAR Ebike
    • Microdone 3.0


    Agency 2.0 is a fantastic choice for businesses that need a specialized approach to live product launches. This agency will develop and optimize your live Kickstarter page and market your products through video, and image production, and Amazon and eCommerce marketing. You can also work with Agency 2.0 to build live campaign launches!

    Need a crowdfunding marketing agency that takes a specialized approach to live product launches? Agency 2.0 has the team of experts you need. Having raised over $100 million since 2010, Agency 2.0 has been featured in publications like Los Angeles Times, Huff Post, and Yahoo. Startups love this agency because they offer a unique platform to market your business to potential investors. Working with Agency 2.0, Arcade1Up secured $500,000 in the first 24 hours of publishing their project. By the end of their campaign, they generated over $1 million in funding through Kickstarter. They will boost your brand through video marketing services like video production, script writing, and Amazon and eCommerce marketing.

    Source: Agency 2.0


    Brandrefinery_crowdfunding marketing agecncies


    Great Malvern, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2012

    Location: Great Malvern, England, UK

    Number of Employees: 6


    • Crowdfunding
    • Competitor analysis
    • Paid media campaigns
    • Video production
    • Video storyboard
    • Database of prospects


    • Severn Stars
    • OMG Racing
    • OmniCX


    BrandRefinery is the best choice for businesses that need an agency specializing in digital marketing, crowdfunding, creative services, and research and strategy. This agency will help you build your brand from the ground up and reach new heights through tailored marketing and crowdfunding roadmaps. Plus, they have a database of top-tier crowdfunding investors too!

    BrandRefinery offers crowdfunding marketing and product launch solutions to help your brand research, validate and accelerate! They claim that launching new products is in their DNA, and they’ve done a lot to prove this! BrandRefinery has worked with OmniCX to launch a custom B2B Saas platform while helping businesses like OMG Racing and Severn Stars secure funding. This agency can accelerate your business through four main service offerings – research and strategy, creative, digital marketing, and crowdfunding. With a full-service approach at your fingertips, you can boost brand awareness to find crowdfunding prospects and stimulate your brand’s presence and reputation.

    Source: Brandrefinery

    8.Samit Patel


    Samit Patel

    London, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: London, England, UK, with offices in San Francisco, California, USA, and Hong Kong, China

    Number of Employees: N/A


    • Crowdfunding
    • Product validation
    • Online advertising
    • eCommerce marketing
    • PR
    • Video marketing


    • Octopus
    • CARV


    Samit Patel is an innovative crowdfunding marketing agency developed by a crowdfunding expert. This agency raised over $1.6 million for Blocks, $400,000 for Obsbot, and over $1 million for Mindset, to name a few. They’re also partners of Google, Facebook Marketing, and Kickstarter. Plus, you can find loads of free online resources and get a free consultation!

    Samit Patel is the brainchild of a crowdfunding expert. This crowdfunding marketing agency specializes in product validation, crowdfunding, digital advertising, eCommerce marketing, PR and photography, and videography. With this range of services, you can connect with crowdfunding investors to accelerate your brand, boost your product sales and eCommerce traction and develop an online presence. Another excellent aspect of working with this crowdfunding marketing agency is the available resources to help you become a crowdfunding guru! Samit Patel offers a 49-page crowdfunding guide and video tutorials.

    Samit Patel
    Source: Samit Patel


    afflego_crowdfunding marketing agencies


    Dehradun, India

    Our Score




    Founded: N/A

    Location: Dehradun, India

    Number of Employees: 58


    • Crowdfunding
    • Targeted research
    • Budget planning
    • Creative services
    • Online advertising
    • Email marketing
    • PR
    • Landing page design


    • Cliq Chair
    • xFyro
    • Espin


    Afflego is an excellent choice for full-service crowdfunding marketing agencies. They will guide you to create your crowdfunding accounts, write killer pitches to attract top-tier investors, and design high-quality infographics for crowdfunding. You can also work with this agency for marketing strategies like PR, email, and social media marketing.

    Afflego is a full-service crowdfunding marketing agency that can work on all aspects of your brand and crowdfunding campaign. This agency will design a custom strategy for your crowdfunding campaign, discover the best advertising channels for your business and develop conversion-driven landing pages. You can also boost your online presence through PR, email, and social media marketing. Afflego also has solutions for targeted research to find the best prospects and strategic budget planning. You use creative services to give your business a unique twist and stand out from your crowdfunding competitors!

    Source: Affelgo


    Crowdfunding marketing agencies are the key to crowdfunding marketing success. These agencies offer key services like PR and video marketing. paid media advertising and eCommerce marketing to connect your brand to targeted investors. You can use any of the top crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to promote your brand and generate insane investments with the help of your crowdfunding marketing agency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is crowdfunding marketing?

    Crowdfunding marketing is a strategy that startups use before, during and after securing investments from crowdfunding. This strategy helps you define a custom roadmap to building online credibility and engagement and attracting high-valued investments. Read this article for more on crowdfunding marketing and the best crowdfunding marketing agencies.

    What services for crowdfunding marketing agencies offer?

    The top crowdfunding marketing services include paid media advertising, PR, video marketing and eCommerce marketing. Startups need these services to gain online traction and develop sound portfolio's that persuade crowdfund investors. This article covers the key crowdfunding marketing services and the top agencies, what they offer and why you should work with them.

    What are the best crowdfunding marketing agenices?

    The best crowdfunding marketing agencies include Backercamp, Rainfactory, LaunchBoom, BrandRefinery and Afflego. These agencies have impressive track records and expert services to help you go beyond basic crowdfunding marketing. Read our article for more of the top crowdfunding marketing agencies and how they can boost your brand.


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