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Campaign Optimizer: Ultimate 11 Campaign Optimization Tools to Test in 2024 [Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 16 minute read Marketing Tools

Running loads of ad campaigns but not seeing the conversions you want? Many businesses-owners and markers experience the same challenge. An easy solution for this is to invest in campaign optimizer tools!

Successful ad campaigns are difficult to create. There are many factors to consider. Around 70 to 80% of users completely ignore paid ads, and most marketers forget to use behavioral data for targeted paid ads. 

There are many more challenges than this for paid ad campaigns. Marketers and brands look to campaign optimization to help them refine their strategies and skyrocket their revenue.

But what is campaign optimization?

And how do you use this process to boost your ad campaigns?

The answer is simple – get a campaign optimizer tool!

With so many tools to choose from, it’s tricky to find the perfect one for your business. Plus, many brands may need more than one for successful campaign optimization!

Don’t worry! We’ll help you with an ultimate review of campaign optimization and the best campaign optimizer tools.

Ready to take your ad campaign to the next level?

Here we go!

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    What is Campaign Optimization?

    Campaign optimization is a process marketers and businesses use to boost their ad campaign’s performance. This process could entail several steps, depending on the brand and campaign.

    Campaign optimization is vital because brands can leverage insightful data to improve their personalization tactics, perfect their content for improved traction and find and use the best SEO keywords.

    Campaign optimization will help your business identify areas of improvement so you can use your ad budget well and skyrocket your returns. For successful campaign optimization, brands should use campaign optimizer tools. These tools have the features and functions you need to create high-level ad campaigns that convert.

    Summary: What is Campaign Optimization?

    Campaign optimization is a process marketers and businesses use to increase the overall performance and ROI of their various digital marketing and ad campaigns.

    Source: John Crestani

    Campaign Optimization Goals

    Generate Clicks from Qualified Leads

    As successful ad campaigns rely on targeting the right audience, it’s an imperative goal for campaign optimization. When refining your campaign, ensure most of your clicks and traffic is from your ideal buyers. Campaign optimization tools reveal your best and least performing campaigns, indicating which target audiences respond best to your content.

    You can determine who clicks on your ads through your campaign optimizer tool. Many tools provide in-depth analytics on your users and how they interact with your ad campaigns.

    This information is vital for two reasons:

    1. Businesses can stop wasting time and resources on targeting audiences that don’t engage in their efforts; and
    2. You’ll have a clear idea of audiences that are likely to convert so you can create personalized, customer-centric content to boost your conversion chances.

    Improve Conversions

    Without improving your conversions, is your campaign optimization strategy effective? No! A big part of optimizing your ad campaigns is to drive higher conversions and revenue. This metric is the #1 indicator of strategic campaign optimization.

    If you’re not boosting your conversions, you can use your campaign optimizer tool to identify the problem. Many tools also have functions to pinpoint exact bottlenecks in your ad campaigns and provide real-time AI suggestions on boosting your conversions.

    Optimize Time and Resources

    Ad campaigns demand a lot of time and resources to create, manage and scale. So, you need to ensure your ad campaign optimization strategy saves your time and resources. You should spend less time deploying your ad campaigns and more time enjoying the profits!

    Many campaign optimizer tools can help you automate your ad campaigns so you don’t have to invest time and resources on tedious tasks and creating retargeting audiences. Some of these tools also provide prebuilt workflows!

    Optimize Cost-per-Click

    How much you spend vs. earn per click matters to determine whether you’ve successfully optimized your ad campaign. Because you’re trying to reduce the time and resources required for your ad management and increase your conversions and ad targeting, you must earn much more than what you spend per click.

    If you notice your earn vs. spend gap is significantly growing, you know you’ve done campaign optimization right! You can find many campaign optimizer solutions to track, evaluate and compare your spend vs. earn rate per click.

    Summary: Campaign Optimization Goals

    • Generate Clicks from Qualified Leads
    • Improve Conversions
    • Optimize Time and Resources
    • Optimize Cost-per-Click

    7 Ad Campaign Optimization Tools


    Grammarly is a tool every business and marketer needs for ad campaign optimization. While you may optimize all aspects of your ad copy, one small grammar mistake can make your brand look incompetent and careless.

    You don’t want such a silly mistake to deter your conversions. And with Grammarly’s robust grammar and vocabulary features, you can also set the tone and style of your text to align with your target audience.

    Grammarly has a Chrome extension to edit text on most web platforms. If you opt for the Business plan, you can access a custom analytics dashboard to track your content writing.

    Grammarly_campaign optimizer
    Source: Grammarly

    Key Features:

    • Style guide
    • Tone detection
    • Chrome extension
    • Analytics dashboard
    • Plagiarism detector
    • Citation style formatting


    • Free plan
    • Premium plan is $12 p/m
    • Business plan is $15 p/m per user


    • Super easy to use.
    • Sufficient features in the free plan.
    • Real-time AI suggestions.


    • Data over different devices aren’t synced.
    • Sometimes words added to your dictionary appear as incorrect.
    • Doesn’t always detect your text on some sites.


    G2 Score: 4.6/5


    SEMrush is the mother of all SEO tools. Using this tool for ad campaign optimization, brands can find and monitor the best keywords for their ads.

    Remember, the keywords you choose for your ad determine if you win an ad placement and whether users can find your content. But SEMrush doesn’t stop there and provides real-time data on your competitor’s keywords and landing page rankings.

    You can also access detailed data about users interacting with your ad content, including location, interests, and conversions. Without SEMrush, you won’t have the platform you need to ensure you tick all the SEO boxes for campaigns that convert.

    semrush_campaign optimizer
    Source: SEMrush

    Key Features:

    • Keyword analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Tracking and analytics
    • Target audience demographics
    • Ideal buyer profiling
    • Real-time data


    • Free plan
    • Contact for a custom quote


    • Easy tool to use for keyword analysis.
    • All-in-one solution for all SEO practices.
    • In-depth competitor analysis.


    • Pricing is expensive.
    • Sometimes users get inaccurate metrics.
    • A steep learning curve to use the advanced features.


    G2 Score: 4.6/5


    Wouldn’t it be nice to use one landing page for every ad campaign? That’s not possible, so you must create buyer-centric landing pages with strategic content for each campaign, and we know how much time this takes.

    Luckily, we have a solution like Unbounce, an ultimate landing page builder. You can optimize your campaign by creating bulk landing pages using pre-built templates and an AI-powered copywriting tool.

    Businesses will get real-time suggestions to perfect landing pages, and it doesn’t take much to learn how to use Unbounce. This platform also supports functions for landing page A/B testing and optimizing your web page loading times.

    unbounce_campaign optimizer
    Source: Unbounce

    Key Features:

    • AI-campaign insights
    • Landing page templates
    • Landing page automation
    • AI copywriting
    • AI landing page builder
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Custom scripts
    • Dynamic content


    • Launch plan is $90 p/m
    • Optimize plan is $135 p/m
    • Accelerate plan is $225 p/m
    • Concierge plan is $575 p/m


    • It’s an easy tool to learn and use.
    • Professional, pre-built templates to optimize landing page development.
    • Customer support is quick and helpful and Unbounce acts on customer feedback, making regular improvements.


    • It may be expensive for marketers and small businesses.
    • You have to manually calculate A/B testing percentages.
    • It’s not easy to mobile-optimize landing pages.

    G2 Score: 4.4/5



    Pipefy is a complete solution to develop, manage and scale pipelines. When we say “pipelines” we’re talking about almost every pipeline you can think of, from employee onboarding and sales to customer onboarding. So, how can you use Pipefy for ad campaign optimization?

    Pipefy has loads of ad campaign optimization templates to visualize and monetize your entire process. You can track and manage different components of your campaigns, like keyword analysis, campaign settings, and campaign types. Businesses can invite employees for team collaboration too.

    Plus, you can set notifications for different actions or updates on your Kanban dashboard. This platform also doesn’t require coding to automate and streamline your campaign management, and you can integrate loads of apps.

    Pipefy_campaign optimizer
    Source: Pipefy

    Key Features:

    • Pre-built templates
    • Pipeline creation and management
    • Lead qualification
    • Automated workflows
    • AI suggestions
    • Tracking and analytics dashboard


    • Starter plan is free
    • Business plan is $23 p/m
    • Enterprise plan is $38 p/m
    • Contact for custom quote for unlimited plan


    • The analytics are in-depth and you can track bottle necks in your pipelines.
    • The workflow templates are customizable.
    • Your dashboard is in Kanban view, so it’s intuitive and easy to understand.


    • Updates take a while to appear.
    • There are limitations in your ad fields.
    • There aren’t many resources for complex, high-level problems.

    G2 Score: 4.6/5



    LeadnIn is similar to Pipefy, except this platform is aimed at B2B businesses. You can use LeadIn for ad campaign optimization with features, like automated workflows, pre-built templates, and multi-channel prospecting.

    This tool helps you develop accurate and complete buyer profiles for successful targeting. With automated workflows and in-depth customer insights, B2B brands can automate and monetize their ad campaigns while leveraging all the vital details about their target users.

    You can also nurture leads from your ad campaigns through email and LinkedIn marketing.

    Source: leadin

    Key Features:

    • Automated email finder
    • LinkedIn leads export
    • Automated workflows
    • Pre-built workflow templates
    • AI cold calling
    • Customized prospect information
    • Smart inbox


    • Software is €97 p/m, per account (approx. $98 p/m)
    • Turnkey services from €260 p/m, (approx. $261 p/m)


    • Robust solution for B2B ad campaign optimization.
    • The multichannel marketing automation feature is powerful and quick.
    • Super fast customer support!


    • May be too expensive for marketers and small businesses.
    • Features are complex and takes time to learn.
    • Might have too many bells and whistles for businesses needing standard campaign optimization tools.

    G2 Score: 5/5



    Zapier is a beloved tool among marketers and businesses because of its power and convenience. You can connect your platforms and feed your campaign analytics into your CRM system. Zapier also increases your productivity through advanced automation features.

    Businesses can automate tedious tasks and ensure their campaign maintains a steady workflow for maximum lead nurturing and customer engagement tactics.

    To sweeten the deal, you can build custom third-party integrations. So, if out of 5000 app integrations, Zapier doesn’t work for you, you can develop a custom integration for your brand.

    Source: Zapier

    Key Features:

    • 5000+ third-party app integrations
    • Automated workflows
    • Lead nurturing and management
    • Custom workflow rules
    • Integration builder
    • Database management


    • Free plan
    • Starter plan is $20 p/m
    • Professional plan is $50 p/m
    • Team plan is $400 p/m
    • Company plan is $800 p/m


    • A flexible pricing structure for businesses of all sizes.
    • Ample resources to ease the learning curve.
    • Users can integrate thousands of apps.


    • Some features have bugs.
    • Pricing can become expensive for small businesses.
    • A steep learning curve.


    G2 Score: 4.5/5


    Optmyzr is a 360-degree solution for ad campaign optimization. You can automate tedious tasks for more efficient campaign workflows and invite collaborators to edit and view your campaigns.

    Optmyzr can optimize your budget through functions like a Spend Projection tool, budget pacing, budget tracking, and budget prediction.

    Businesses can take control of their ad bid strategies and run eCommerce ad campaigns with this platform’s robust shopping campaign optimization.

    And if you didn’t think it gets any better, you’re wrong! Optmyzr supports integrations with Google Data Studio and Slack, amongst many other apps. You can also use this platform for keyword analysis and management.

    optmyzer_campaign optimizer
    Source: Optmyzer

    Key Features:

    • Ad campaign automation
    • Ad bid optimization and management
    • Budget optimization
    • eCommerce ad campaign optimization
    • Scheduled reports
    • Multi-platform PPC campaign optimization and management
    • Keyword analysis and management
    • Slack and Google Date Studio integration


    • Starts from $250 p/m


    • Flexible pricing for businesses with established ad campaigns driving loads of  monthly traction.
    • Real-time trends and suggestions to perfect your ad campaigns.
    • The customer support is helpful, friendly and responsive.


    • Pricing is super expensive for marketers and small businesses.
    • A few minor UI bugs.
    • Limited features for social ads compared to Go

    G2 Score: 4.7/5


    2 Google Ads Campaign Optimization Tools

    1.Google Ads Editor

    Many businesses use Google Ads Editor for their Google ad campaigns because of how easy this tool is to use. You don’t need coding experience to edit your ad campaigns and maximize your performance.

    This platform supports offline campaign editing, and you can edit multiple campaigns. Google Ads Editor also allows you to copy, move and adjust items among different campaigns.

    You can also track your campaigns through this platform’s analytics. The biggest drawback of Google Ads Editor is this tool works best for ad campaign optimization when combined with other software in Google’s suite.

    Google ads editor_campaign optimizer
    Source: Google Ads Editor

    Key Features:

    • Bulk campaign editing
    • Offline campaign editing
    • Import and export files
    • Analytics and tracking


    • Free


    • This tool is super easy to use.
    • It’s free, making it perfect for marketers and small businesses.
    • You can edit bulk campaigns, and this platform supports offline editing.


    • The features aren’t robust enough for large businesses.
    • You may experience glitches with the features.
    • You must integrate more tools for robust ad campaign optimization.

    G2 Score:


    2.Google Analytics

    We can’t talk about Google ad campaign optimization tools and not mention Google Analytics! This platform is almost perfect for Google ad creation, management, and optimization.

    What’s so valuable about this platform is the in-depth analytics it provides. You can analyze all aspects of your website, Google ad campaigns, and web user interactions.

    Google Analytics will reveal your top buyers, how they interact with your content, and areas of your campaigns and website to improve for increased traction and conversions.

    It’s simple to use Google Analytics, and you can monitor and evaluate your performance from various intuitive dashboards. Businesses can integrate loads of tools too!

    Google analytics
    Source: Google Analytics

    Key Features:

    • Google Tag Manager
    • Sales and marketing funnel analysis
    • Smart goals
    • Data activation
    • Web tracking and analytics
    • Buyer demographics and profiling
    • Integrations


    • Free


    • Robust analytics on your audience for accurate, in-depth buyer profiling.
    • You can view crash reports to identify the crash in your websites code.
    • It’s super easy to use this tool!


    • You can’t track IP addresses to identify and prevent spam bots and hacker attacks.
    • There’s a lot of features to use, to it may take time to learn.

    G2 Score: 4.5/5


    2 Facebooks Ads Campaign Optimization Tools


    Need a campaign optimization tool specializing in Facebook retargeting ads? SharpSpring is your best bet! This tool offers expert functions for conversion-driven retargeting ads.

    Using your audience and web data and analytics, SharpSpring will suggest the best formats and placements for your retargeting ads. This platform will also track your conversions and revenue and can export this data as customizable reports.

    It’s easy to use SharpSpring, and you can evaluate all your Facebook ad campaign data from a unified and tailored dashboard.

    Source: SharpSpring

    Key Features:

    • Optimized Facebook ad placements
    • User firewall data
    • Conversion and revenue tracking
    • Cross-device targeting
    • Custom tracking and analytics dashboard
    • Dynamic reporting


    • Custom quote


    • Fantastic, responsive customer support.
    • Powerful programmatic advertising to direct old web visitors back to your website.
    • Many resources on how to use this platform is available.


    • No solution for Facebook video marketing.
    • May be expensive for some businesses.
    • Limited control over audiences.

    G2 Score: 4.6/5



    Revealbot is a campaign optimizer that’s all about automating your Facebook campaigns for rapid results. You can skip tedious tasks and rely on AI-powered functions to optimize your workflow.

    Brands can set custom metrics to track KPIs vital to your business and create tailored automation specific to your Facebook ad campaign.

    Through the automation logs, users can determine which functions were automated and what was affected by this automation. You can also set email or Slack alerts when users take specific actions, and you seamlessly compare metrics.

    Source: revealbot

    Key Features:

    • Facebook ad automation
    • Build and maintain custom automations
    • Custom metrics
    • Tracking and analytics reports
    • Scheduled automations
    • Automation logs


    • Pro plan from $90 p/m
    • Custom quote for Enterprise plan


    • Super easy and convenient to use.
    • The Slack integration makes it easy to collaborate with your team and share Facebook ad campaign progress.
    • The features are consistently improving.


    • Features may be too robust for marketers and small businesses.
    • The pricing can become expensive for some businesses.

    G2 Score: 4.6/5


    Final Thoughts on Campaign Optimization Tools

    A campaign optimizer is vital to skyrocket your ad campaign’s performance and manage your metrics. You can get a campaign optimizer for Google and Facebook ads and other ad campaigns too!

    How you pick the best tool for your business relies on what you need and how much you’re willing to invest.

    However, with the perfect software managing and optimizing your ad campaigns, you can secure higher returns, traction, and leverage in-depth customer analytics for personalized ad campaigns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is campaign optimization?

    Campaign optimization is a process where marketers and businesses use strategies to increase their campaign's performance. Campaign optimization is vital to skyrocket your campaigns and take your strategies to the next level. Read this article for the best campaign optimizer tools in 2024, the key features these tools offer and how they can refine your campaign.

    What are the best campaign optimizer tools?

    The best campaign optimizer tools include SEMrush, Grammarly, Pipefy, Unbounce and Zapier. More of the best campaign optimizer tools also include Optmyzr and LeadIn. This article covers the best campaign optimizer tools, and the best options for Google and Facebook ad campaigns. Plus, we cover the top campaign optimization goals in 2024!

    What are the best Google ad campaign optimization tools?

    The best campaign optimizer tools for Google ads include Google Analytics and Google Ads Editor. The best Facebook campaign optimizer tools include SharpSpring and RevealBot. Read this entire article for more of the top campaign optimizer tools, the key features and why these tools are the best in 2024!


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