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Our Score 4.5

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About Woodpecker is a smart and highly intuitive cold email marketing tool that allows you to create automated email marketing campaigns. It is used by businesses to easily personalize, automate, and track their outbound lead generation, sales and recruitment campaigns.

The software integrates with your Gmail, Outlook, or any other IMAP that you may be using. You can add as many team members as you like, with multiple team members per slot. This feature is particularly useful if you’re working in a large team and different members need to reach out to the same prospect, multiple times.

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It automatically spaces out the emails and sends them with an irregular frequency. This makes sure that they do not end up in the spam section of the prospect’s inbox. There are built-in templates with custom fields, or snippets, which you can edit to add a personalized touch to the email.

Woodpecker goes a step further than most of its counterparts by providing extensive stats and analysis on the campaigns created. The interaction tracking, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and segmentation metrics give you useful insights into how well your campaign performed and what needs improvement.

Besides these metrics, you can track the open rates, reply rates, and the bounce rates on your emails. You can filter out positive replies and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. They also offer A/B testing and if-campaigns, which allow you to immediately see which approach works better for a particular segment.

The follow-up automation feature lets you personalize and automate the follow-up emails as well. This feature can be useful when you need to impart information in a series of emails rather than a single email.

You can also use these follow-ups for your remarketing campaigns or after-sales services.

One major factor that sets Woodpecker apart from its counterparts is its user-friendly and easy-to-understand user interface. The simple layout and clear visual elements make it easy to sort and navigate the options.

The simple and intuitive user interface makes Woodpecker a great option for those who are less tech-savvy. Set up is easy and only involves integration with your email accounts and contact lists. From there you can jump straight into creating and managing your email campaigns.

One Woodpecker continually improves their software. You can look at their roadmap here to see their major updates. They have also rolled out a new billing system, which allows you to only pay for the add-on features you actually use. Instead of fixed price plans with set features, they now let you turn the add-on features you need on and off whenever you want. This means you’re only paying for exactly what you need, when you need it, and no more. 

Our Review Verdict

Woodpecker is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive software solutions. It is a great option for everyone, from experts to beginners and organisations that are not too tech-savvy. Their customizable pricing also means that you will only pay for the features you use, when you use them, which makes it an ideal option to grow and scale with. All in all, Woodpecker is an excellent option that offers great value for money.


Main Features

Campaign Management

Follow-up Automation

Lead Nurturing,Prospecting Tools and Lead Scoring

Snippet-based Conditions

Lead Segmentation

A/B Split Testing

Manual Tasks

Contact List Integration

What integrations are available for Woodpecker?

Woodpecker integrates with the following business systems and applications



Office 365



















Pros & Cons


User-friendly interface is easy to use and understand

Set up and contact list integration is fast and convenient

A/B testing is fully automated and gives meaningful insights

Reporting for daily/weekly/monthly metrics

Customer support is always available.

Manual tasks can be included in the campaign for non-email actions

Strong security measures

If-campaigns allow for prospects to be directed to a different stream

Unlimited team members/multiple team members per slot


Can be costly for small businesses if multiple slots and add-on are required

Limited to 7 follow-ups


Free Trial

14 Days

50 Contacts/Day


200 Contacts/Day




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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you include images in emails through Woodpecker?

To include an image in your email, you must provide a link to it. Therefore, the image must be uploaded to a server or hosting service, and there must be a static link (URL) to it.

Is billing on Woodpecker pre-paid or post-paid?

Every payment is prepaid on Woodpecker, which means that if you add a new slot in the middle of your billing cycle you will pay a prorated amount for the time remaining in the current billing cycle for it.

Can I pause my Woodpecker account for some time?

Yes, in order to keep your profile and all data for later use, you can have your account paused. While your account is paused, sending emails and creating new campaigns is disabled, but you have full access to all your data.

What payment options does Woodpecker offer?

Woodpecker offers two payments options as of yet. These are Credit Card and PayPal.

How do I update my payment method in Woodpecker?

You can change or update your payment method by editing the Payment Info. You can also change the billing period between monthly and annual billing.