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About Affise

Affise is an online Affiliate Marketing Platform designed for marketers, advertisers, and agencies to help track and analyze their web-based advertising campaigns, in real-time. The user-interface is highly intuitive; everything including creatives, changes, payments, publishers, etc., are right where you need them to be and can be easily managed.

The referral awards feature encourages affiliates to bring in more relevant people and qualify for rewards. The software can perform all billings and calculations with a single click. It also provides you with the facility to add your own custom tracking domains. You may add a single or several tracking domains and then select a default domain for each offer individually.

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The automation capabilities it provides are quite impressive and can contribute a lot to your profits. Furthermore, since you can utilize low transformation traffic sources without paying for clicks, you save up to 90% of your expenses with Affise.

The software can easily adjust to your current workflows and integrate with other custom solutions you might be using. The smart targeting feature allows you to incorporate different segmenting factors such as language, area, cities, and postal divisions in your campaigns.

In addition, the Dashboard page is pretty comprehensive and covers most of the pointers from all the different reports or pages you can run through the software. On the default dashboard, you can screen the number of clicks, conversions, client’s income, and profit by currency. Also, you can easily navigate to other areas of the platform with a single click.

Some of the leading organisations in the world use Affise to develop their marketing campaigns with conversion-based expenses as opposed to paying for individual clicks. All of this is made possible by centralizing all the workflows, including creatives, transformations, distributors, and payments. Thus, you can utilize any traffic source and pay for the conversions only. It provides a 30-day free trial which you can use to see if this is the software for you. If you like it, you can proceed with a payment plan according to the features you require.

Our Review Verdict

Affise can be the best software if you want to build and run your affiliate networks on your own. The adaptability and flexibility it offers are what make it stand out. Surely, you can put your trust in Affise and implement it right now to reap its real benefits.


Main Features

Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Billing for Affiliates

Complete API Support

Carriers/ISP and Device Tracking

Custom Report Calculations

Pixel and Postback Control

Referral Rewards

Custom Domain Tracking


Free Trial

30 Days






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Pros & Cons


Does not charge for traffic (you do not pay for clicks)

Extremely user-friendly interface

Flexible setting costs, caps and other targeting options


Statistics reports are not very detailed

Low frequency of feeds

Poor bug support


Payment Rails

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