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Marketing Bots: The Ultimate Guide & Best Bots to Try in 2024 [Update]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 11 minute read Artificial IntelligenceMarketing Tools

Why spend your time on repetitive tasks and struggle through inefficient workflows when you can get marketing bots to streamline your processes and take on the heavy lifting?

Marketing bots are technology solutions that help businesses optimize all aspects of their marketing and sales funnels to secure sales faster! 

Over 30% of businesses have fully automated at least one key business function. By 2024, 69% of managerial work will be fully automated.

So, why are brands eager to automate and optimize their business functions and sales and marketing processes?

Around 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive lead prospecting. And sales automation can boost your productivity by 14,5% and reduce marketing costs by 12.2%!

We’ll help you get in on this action and ensure all your time and resources are invested in areas that drive results.

We’ve created an ultimate guide on what marketing bots are, how you can use them, the types of marketing bots, and the top three marketing bots in 2024.

Ready to leverage marketing bots to boost sales and productivity?

Here we go!

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    What is a Marketing Bot?

    Marketing bots are automated, AI-powered technology solutions that help businesses automate customer engagement, workflows, and sales strategies.

    These bots have machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior and buying patterns so you can personalize your tactics and stay connected to your buyers.

    Most top-tier marketing bots offer integration options so you can feed data from your marketing bot straight into your CRM platform!

    These bots can also provide real-time suggestions based on buyer behavior and help you make data-driven decisions to win over qualified consumers.

    Summary: What is a Marketing Bot?

    Marketing bots are AI-powered, automated technology solutions that helps brands automate customer engagement, workflows and sales strategies.

    Source: Global Tech Council

    Using Bots in Marketing: What Are Marketing Bots Best For?

    Workflow Optimization

    One of the biggest reasons businesses love marketing bots is to optimize their workflows.

    Many of the best marketing bots (like the ones we’ll review further below) offer pre-built workflows, making it easier to create efficient work processes.

    Using AI and high-level automation, marketing bots will study your current workflow and provide real-time suggestions based on user behavior.

    These bots will tell you which marketing campaigns work and how to correct those that don’t.

    Marketing bots also optimize workflows by letting businesses know about consumer behavior and KPIs changes while analyzing customer segments and providing ideas on optimizing buyer engagement.

    Having a marketing bot to deliver all these valuable insights will save you the time and effort of doing it yourself. 

    Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Repetitive tasks take up a lot of time, and strategic business owners and marketers use marketing bots to solve this challenge.

    Instead of manually sending each new subscriber a welcome email, your marketing bots can send automated emails triggered by new email sign-ups. Think about how much time this can save your brand!

    Another example of this is chatbots. Businesses use chatbots to solve buyer queries and concerns and filter customers that reach human agents. And if you use a top-tier chatbot, you can lower the volume of consumers that get your human support team.

    Rather than investing your time in tedious tasks, you can focus on other marketing aspects that genuinely need your time.

    Efficient Customer Support

    Customer support is the bread and butter of successful businesses. Fantastic customer support builds brand loyalty and retains customers.

    Almost 90% of consumers are willing to make another purchase after a positive customer support experience. And 64% of business leaders say customer support impacts their brand growth!

    Because customer service is crucial, you must have a hands-on, buyer-centric approach. The best way to achieve this is through marketing bots!

    Marketing bots have the technology and automation functions to provide real-time suggestions based on how customers interact with your brand.

    If your buyer needs more TLC, your chatbot will tell you! Moreover, marketing bots help you receive and respond to customer queries quickly.

    You may not have enough customer service reps or resources to assist every customer as quickly as possible.

    Fortunately, marketing bots can rapidly assist clients through live chat, email, and SMS automation.

    You can gain customer feedback with little to no effort, provide solutions to your buyers and engage them without using too much time and resources. 

    Consumer Analysis

    As I mentioned before, marketing bots track loads of consumer behavioral patterns and data.

    You can understand how customers interact with your website and products, what challenges defer them from purchasing and which content engages targeted buyers the most.

    With such in-depth and valuable data at your fingertips, you can make personalized, customer-centric marketing decisions.

    You’ll know which products to boost, which products need different advertising content, and which aspects of your sales and marketing funnels to optimize.

    Lead Nurturing

    Marketing bots push customers through your sales funnel because you can provide speedy engagement and support and access extensive customer data.

    These advantages make it easier to convince leads, as you’ll have the data you need to modify your lead generation and nurturing approach.

    If leads consistently have positive experiences with your brand and you nurture them through personalized content, conversion is much more likely.

    But before you get too confident in your marketing bot’s suggestions, use A/B testing to determine what content and marketing strategies best nurture your leads.

    This method combined with real-time data allows brands to steer their sales funnels in the right direction and encourage leads to convert.

    Summary: What Are Marketing Bots Best For?

    • Workflow Optimization
    • Automate Repetitive Tasks
    • Efficient Customer Support
    • Consumer Analysis
    • Lead Nurturing

    5 Types of Marketing Bots


    Chatbots are the most common types of marketing bots. You’d find these bots as live chat features on websites.

    Businesses use chatbots to deliver quick and helpful customer support, nurture leads and generate customer feedback. These marketing bots can help brands save up to 30% on customer service expenses!

    Some high-level chatbots have advanced AI features for authentic customer communication, and it’s often hard to tell these chatbots a part of human agents.

    Live chatbots on the lower end are easier to spot. You want to avoid these chatbots to deliver organic customer interactions.

    Most chatbots optimize customer interactions through features like canned responses, agent routing (so queries get to the right department), and customization so you can add your branding.

    2.Personalization Bots

    Personalization bots are typically built-in robust automation marketing tools.

    These bots use in-depth customer insights and data tracking to suggest personalization tactics.

    If buyers interact with your product but don’t buy it, a personalization marketing bot will pinpoint the problem and prescribe a solution.

    These marketing bots are super beneficial to brands because personalized marketing strategies boost your chance of converting leads. 

    Businesses can find data recorded in these bots. This data details their customer analysis like buying patterns and trends. You can extract this data to make customer-centric marketing decisions. 

    3.Data Enrichment Bots

    If you want to integrate third-party software to enriching existing data and adding to incomplete or missing data, data enrichment bots can do this for you!

    These marketing bots allow businesses to unify data from different sources for an in-depth overview of their marketing efforts.

    Customer data from one source isn’t enough to make accurate marketing decisions. But using data enrichment bots to pull data from various sources, will give you a complete interpretation of your buyers. 

    Customer data is always raw, regardless of whether it comes from social media or your web analytics.

    Raw data alone isn’t easy to interpret and translate into actionable insights. But by enriching your data, you’ll have all the information you need to make strategic marketing decisions.

    4.Sales Outreach Bots

    Sales outreach is a common B2B strategy to nurture and engage leads so they can purchase from your brand.

    Businesses directly reach out to prospects through emails, phone calls, or texts to guide these prospects to conversion.

    Sales outreach strategies require a lot of repetitive tasks, and businesses must be consistent and responsive to drive results.

    With the help of sales outreach bots, you can automate most of this process and make this approach more personalized to your prospects and quicker for your business!

    5.Email Marketing Bots

    Email bots are valuable additions to email marketing campaigns. These bots offer more advanced features than standard automation from email marketing platforms.

    You can use these bots to respond to customer emails, strike up conversations with targeted leads and send emails based on buyer actions.

    If subscribers haven’t answered or opened your emails, your email bot can send them a tailored follow-up message.

    This works the same for buyers who abandon shopping carts or if you want to generate leads from your email list for webinars, social media contests, or events.

    Email bots can help you understand your subscribers better too!

    These marketing bots will let you know which subscribers aren’t engaged in your content, which parts of your content garner the most interest, and which aspects you need to refine.

    Summary: 5 Types of Marketing Bots

    1. Chatbots
    2. Personalization Bots
    3. Data Enrichment Bots
    4. Sales Outreach Bots
    5. Email Marketing Bots

    3 Best Marketing Bots to Try in 2024

    1.Mobile Monkey

    Mobile Monkey is a sales outreach marketing bot offering personalization and data enrichment functions.

    You can connect top-of-the-sales funnel channels like your blog content, social media platforms, and SEO to boost your sales and lead generation tactics.

    Mobile Monkey supports email and SMS marketing and provides real-time buying intent scores for each lead.

    This marketing bot can help you reduce outbound sales risk, follow up on leads, connect with prospects through internet-based signals and integrate your top tools.

    Mobile monkey_marketing bots
    Source: Mobile Monkey

    Key Features:

    • SMS marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Automation builder templates
    • B2C and B2B prospect databases
    • Website automation
    • Cross-channel automated follow ups
    • Reporting dashboard


    • Custom quote


    • Robust, beginner-friendly features.
    • Fantastic customer support.
    • Vast personalization capabilities for marketing bots.


    • No features for automated pipelines.

    G2 Score: 4.9/5



    Looking for a sales outreach, personalization, sales outreach, email, and data enrichment bot? PhantomBuster is your best bet!

    These marketing bots focus on optimizing your lead generation efforts through ready-made automation, pre-built workflows, and countless integrations.

    Brands don’t need coding experience to leverage these marketing bots. You can access lead generation tools like an email finder, LinkedIn connections export, LinkedIn profile scraper, and many more.

    With these advanced functions, brands can use PhantomBuster to export leads from various sources. You can fill database gaps with complete contact details like email addresses and phone numbers and build personalized outreach campaigns.

    marketing bots_phantombot
    Source: PhantomBot

    Key Features:

    • Ready-made automation
    • Pre-built workflows
    • Lead generation
    • Lead nurturing
    • Email marketing
    • Sales navigation
    • Email finder


    • Free Trial: 14 Days
    • Starter plan is $59 p/m
    • Pro plan is $139 p/m
    • Team plan is $399 p/m


    • Robust tools and automation period.
    • Free 14-day trial to test this tool before buying it.
    • Beginner-friendly features and interface.


    • Plans are limit how many hours you can use Phantom bots for.
    • Not ideal for mid-level businesses and enterprises.

    G2 Score: N/A


    3.airSlate’s Proof Bot

    airSlate offers the ultimate workflow automation and personalization marketing bot, known as “Proof Bot”.

    So, what can Proof Bot do for your business? Regardless of how complex your workflow is, Proof Bot will supercharge your processes through automated features for team collaboration and communication across all departments.

    You can integrate Proof Bot into your existing software without coding and set it up in a few simple steps. But Proof Bot is the only solution airSlate offers.

    This company offers many other marketing bots for extracting data, creating online lead generation forms, and automatically scheduling appointments.


    airSlate_marketing bots
    Source: airSlate

    Key Features:

    • Automated workflows
    • Sales funnel builder
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Routing data
    • Pre-built templates
    • Integration bot library


    • Free plan
    • Basic plan is $36 p/m


    • Beginner-friendly features.
    • Engineering team can create custom features for your brand.
    • Perfect tool for startups.


    • Poor communication with customer support for high-level problems.
    • Can’t save two drafts at the same.
    • Features aren’t ideal for established brands.

    G2 Score: 4.5/5



    If your business doesn’t use marketing bots in 2024, you need to change this. Marketing bots help brands optimize workflows, leverage in-depth customer analysis, fill data gaps, and nurture qualified leads.

    These technology solutions also provide quick customer support and automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and resources.

    You can find marketing bots for live chat, personalization, data enrichment, email, and sales outreach. Use any of the best marketing bots to accelerate your marketing strategies and ensure your resources and marketing budget are well spent!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are marketing bots used for?

    Marketing bots are used to optimize workflows, automate repetitive tasks, deliver efficient customer support and nurture qualified leads to conversion. Read this article for the best marketing bots in 2024, the types of marketing bots and why these bots matter to businesses.

    What are the types of marketing bots businesses should use?

    The best types of marketing bots for business include chat bots, personalization bots, data enrichment bots, email bots and sales outreach bots. Our full article explores the details of these marketing bots and how they can boost your brand. Plus, we have the top three marketing bots to use in 2024.

    What are the best marketing bots for businesses?

    The top marketing bots for brands includes Mobile Monkey, PhantomBuster and airSlate. These marketing bots have robust features and startups and enterprises can find a solution custom to their brands. This article covers the key features of these marketing bots, the pros and cons, and how much they cost.


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