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  Our top performing email strategist has decided to share her secrets with you! This 6-day email course covers everything you need to know to implement an email marketing strategy that drives sales. All Practical.

What You'll Learn

DAY 1 - E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategy

We want to teach you how to harness the power of email marketing, which only few e-commerce businesses fully utilize, with minimum effort – all on auto-pilot.

We will start at the beginning;

– Why is email marketing such an important channel?

– How much additional revenue should you expect from your efforts

DAY 2 - 3 Types of Emails You Must Send

The focus of this lesson will be on showing you all the different categories of emails you can send your customers, while highlighting which ones generate the most sales each category:

1. Transactional Emails

2. Milestone Emails

3. Retention Emails

DAY 3 - Email Marketing Automation for E-Commerce

There are so many tools out there. While we recommend that you do research them yourself, in this lesson, we will cover the ones we have personally worked with, the highlights, pros, cons, pricing etc. As well as:

–What to look for when evaluating different solutions

– Our picks: the best email marketing tools

DAY 4 - 5 Sales Generating Emails & Examples

In this lesson, we will go deeper into the emails we highlighted in the 2nd lesson and present you with a few examples for each one. We will cover:

– The importance of each of those emails

– Where to focus your attention

– Best practices and examples by leading brands, to spark your imagination

DAY 5 - Collecting More Emails: 3 Methods

Soon, you will realize that every email equals more sales. In this lesson, you will learn:

– What are lead magnets?

– How to use them to collect more emails

– The 3 methods that can double your email list (1 method can be used for new stores too)

DAY 6 - Our Best Performing Email Hacks

Our final lesson will unveil all the hacks our top email strategist has used to get amazing results for her clients. Some of those hacks will focus on:

– The best times to send emails

– How to increase your open rate

– How to increase your email conversion rate

– How to spy on the email marketing strategies used by your competitors

And many more…

This is a lesson you don’t want to skip!

Sound Interesting?

This course is offered for free for a limited time. After that, the cost will increase to $129.


In just 6 days you’ll receive all the info you need to take your business to the next level