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About Ambassador

Ambassador is referral marketing software trusted by big brands, such as Hewlett-Packard, Ria Financial, HubSpot, Infusionsoft and more, making it one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US, and it is also backed by the recognition it has received from the prestigious Inc. 500.

You see, potential customers are more likely to purchase when they are referred by a reliable or familiar source and, once they have become customers, they will be more likely to share and spread their experience if they are rewarded. For companies, it is also great to have affiliates who are willing to promote and review their products or services, which ensures a constant stream of word of mouth marketing, resulting in brand awareness. You can do all of the above with Ambassador, without the need for expert technical teams or staff to run it for you, which makes it great, not just for big companies, but also for start-up businesses.

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In spite of being powerful, Ambassador makes the process simple and flexible for every marketer. In just one platform, you can run fully automated and integrated referral, affiliate, partner, influencer and advocate programs. Ambassador gives you full control of how you want your program to run, but the steps are simplified so that you can easily integrate, launch, automate and scale your chosen program. Enroll, track, reward and manage everything using a single platform.

1 Identify your ambassadors.

2 Enroll your ambassadors during your targeted and personalized referral campaigns. With smart segmentation, you can create customizable registration or enrollment pages for each program you run. You can even filter all your contacts, and only choose who you want as ambassadors. Depending on your choice, each of them will be given their specific links, as well asĀ  coupon codes and voucher codes for promotions. It is very transparent, as each ambassador will be given access to their own dashboard, where they can view their stats and even share them in their social media. You can also give them access to your content assets, such as banners, that they can use for promotions.

3 Track their performance in real-time. You can customize conversions and even create tiered models. Advanced analytics make it easy to segment and optimize program KPIs and even to recognize trends. You can also engage and communicate with your ambassadors by sending them emails or automated messages.

4 Automated payouts, commissions or incentives, like cash, points, credits or gift cards.

Ambassador offers simple integration into website, email and social media. You get access to their visual editor, email and landing page templates. It even integrates with 3rd party software like Salesforce, PayPal, Mailchimp, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and more. Simply put, Ambassador is every marketer’s dream software.


Main Features

An all-in-one multi-program and multi-campaign platform

User segmentation and enrollment

Success coaching with a managed service

Visual editor with pre-built designs and templates

Customer and affiliate portals

Proven offline tracking processes

A/B test copy, rewards, and on-page placement

Customize reporting and analytics

Pricing Plans


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Pros & Cons


An all in one referral and affiliate marketing platform

Influencer Marketing Capabilities

Easy to use, flexible and customizable

Transparent ambassador access to their stats and referrals

Online/offline and mobile capabilities

Advanced analytics to run cohort analysis and optimize your program in real-time

Simplifies engagement, sharing and conversion tracking

Designated success coaching


Expensive especially for start-up business



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