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WGP helps leading companies and brands accelerate growth and competitiveness by offering consultants with expertise in sales-driven digital marketing, analytics, and business development.

Our data- and insight-driven way of working ensures effective collaboration between us and our customers. This results in profitable results and makes it easy to monitor the effect of the activities being carried out. We work team-based and in partnership with our customers as it facilitates communication, engagement and knowledge transfer.

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We are 32 consultants with offices in Stockholm and Malmö. CERTIFICATIONS Web Guide Partner is a Premier Google Partner and a Bing Select Partner OUR TECHNOLOGY We use the most modern and market-leading tools to help streamline our work. We also have a number of proprietary technology tools that offer unique analysis and insight opportunities. Together, the tools offer us the opportunity to evaluate and compare you and your competitors’ online presence, visibility, and strengths and weaknesses. OUR HISTORY Until 2016, WGP was part of Highlight Media Group Ltd, which since 2003 has driven a number of wholly-owned verticals to world-leading positions in gambling, finance and web hosting.

Based on the success and expertise built up during that period, WGP has in recent years focused on external customers, and works with a high level of ambition towards the goal of getting the most satisfied customers in the market.   We are proud of the strong relationship we have been able to build with our customers.

Here are some of their quotations: “We feel that WGP is at the forefront in their area and we feel secure with them. We especially appreciate the flexibility of the business model that suits us perfectly” “Our contacts at WGP have always been proactive, dedicated and good at following up with incredibly fast response time and agility.”




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