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We analyze the KPIs of each business, audit PPC campaigns and websites to make successful decisions based on data and user behavior. We are specialists in digital advertising management. We conceptualize and successfully manage campaigns on SEM, Display, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Twitter and other channels.

We focus on improving results and optimizing the conversion rate.  Viva! offers the following services: 1. PPC –  Management and profitability of PayPerClick campaigns (Google Ads, Shopping, Bing Ads). We execute the PPC strategy for the particulare business KPIs. We have developed knowledge and internal processes that are specifically oriented to ecommerce and lead acquisition. We use performance data that define the PPC strategy; we specialize in the construction of highly efficient and constantly evolving search, display and remarketing campaign architectures. 2. Social Ads – Conceptualization, creation and management of advertising campaigns in Social Networks.Thanks to social ads, we boost sales of multiple businesses. We look for new customers through continuous analysis and optimization of audiences related to brands.

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We specialize in advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube, which allows us to maximize investments in these channels by aligning them with the business objectives. 3. CRO (Conversion rate optimization) – If the conversion rate of a website is 5%, we focus on discovering why the remaining 95% does not convert.

We audit the user experience of a website (landing pages, ecommerce), the sales funnel and design AB Testing strategies in search of a constant increase in the conversion rate.     4. YouTube – An essential part of success with campaigns on YouTube is video. Any video can not be used as an ad creative. We give you the best advice so that the content we promote is relevant and optimized to generate a significant brand impact on your audience. We work to impact your target audience thanks to the segmentation possibilities provided by Google Ads. To do this, we define with you who your Buyer Persona is and we get to work to find it and show you your video ad at the right time. 5. Web Analytics – We integrate all the services you need for your website. Knowing what benefits the different platforms generate for you is necessary.

We configure events to be able to measure user behavior. Being able to measure behavior allows you to make improvements to your website. Having the web full of code for all your services is not good. Through Google Tag Manager we unify your tags and settings for more optimal operation.



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