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At Value, we believe that unique businesses deserve unique strategies in order to succeed online. Every business out there is unique! When you have the urge to be called a Scientist in your field of choice, no one can hold you back! “Value” Infuses Everything they do with Strength, Values, and Learnings!

The staff is made up of professionals, with extensive experience in the market and multichannel campaigns, certified by the main search engines and natives for international services. Each new project is analyzed in depth following this workflow: 1. Strategy & Analysis – Auditing the current thesis is key and we create the different funnels and personas definitions  2. The tech element – All starts from having the correct setup and using the right data layer.

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We go over the website and offer our optimization feedback 3. Ads – The right content and ads will be displayed to most suitable audience and will be optimized through an ongoing A/B testing. 4. Reporting – In depth analysis will be conducted to adapt quickly. We are agile. Additional to campaign management and optimization accross all major media channels (Google ads Search, Google Ads Display, Facebook, Ads, LinkedIn) we offer as well the following marketing services: Strategy – including Market analysis, competition analysis, funnel creation, performance marketing and real time reportingDesign – including branding, UI/UX design, content creation, After effects production and Augmented Reality projectsDevelopment – website development, data mining, bot development and Machine Learning.

We pride ourselves to partner with Google, Facebook, The graphic garage, IBF and Bing Ads. Our mission is to reshape the path of marketing, always go further and achieve new practices in Marketing.




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