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Relevant Traffic is a leading digital marketing consultant specializing in direct response and with personalized service for each project.

The mission is to maximize the return on investment and customer brand awareness through online marketing, offering online strategy services, means of payment, SEO, web analysis, optimization consulting and usability, social media strategy, online reputation management, community management, exhibition and personalized training.

The client portfolio includes global and European companies, related to electronic commerce with travel agencies, airlines, major hotel chains and IT and telecommunications, fashion, banking and insurance companies.

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It is part of the Plenummedia Group since May 2013.

Relevant traffic has been working on global projects for more than 20 years and accompanying brands in their digital transformation strategy, thanks to the in-Company talent and the methodology and technology used.
Our track record includes more than 30 Million Euros managed, 2.5 Million conversions achieved and more than 70 Million Euros of income generated.
Relevant Traffic had been selected to be part of the Google Mobile Vanguard Program and now we have the joy of communicating that we have finished it and … it has been a success!

Throughout this program we have been fortunate to enjoy specific training for our clients in which we have received important tips on the behavior of users on mobile. This has been key to perfectly understanding the varied list of recommendations that mark the principles of mobile site design. At the same time, it has allowed us to classify the changes according to the particularities of the sector, prioritizing the modifications that imply results in the short term and work in a thorough and exhaustive way on the developments that needed more time to be able to test the correct functioning .

Together with these formations, a selected team of RT members (composed of representatives of the various departments) enjoyed an intense but interesting session that allows us to analyze the behaviors of the different business models and understand how the mobile device represents one at a time greater importance in decision processes. If it is estimated that on average people interact with their smartphone 2,617 times a day, how many purchase micro-moments will we be missing if we do not also work on our mobile strategy?

For all this to work properly, it is essential to take another step and think about the attribution models that help us get the most out of our campaigns. In this sense, Google has the data-based attribution model that identifies customer click paths to generate conversions by defining patterns.

We want you to know our team, in Mexico and Spain, to turn your challenges into our challenge.




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