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About Publicfast

Publicfast is a self-serve influencer marketing platform that helps brands carry out marketing campaigns across social networks and countries. The platform helps brands find the perfect influencer for their marketing campaigns from the hundreds of thousands on it. Trusted by over one thousand brands with more than 721 active campaigns, Publicfast has all that a brand would need to succeed at influencer marketing. 

One of the most outstanding features that Publicfast offers is influencer discovery. Firstly, you can search through the influencers on social networks using several filters to quickly find the perfect match. Secondly, it also shows influencers’ engagement rate, the price per post, niche, etc. to help you make a choice.

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If you have specific parameters for your influencers such as the number of followers, engagement rate, country, industry etc., you can send them over to Publicfast and they will generate a tailored influencer list for you. Publicfast also allows you to search for up to 10 opinion leaders per day with their contact details on the free plan. You can access up to 500 contacts details per month on the paid plan, though.

After you have found and contacted the influencers, the next step is to set up a campaign. The process of launching a campaign is super easy with Publicfast. The platform helps you in determining campaign terms. You can have influencers add videos, hashtags, images, and links. Besides, you also get to set deadlines and determine where your post will go. 

With Publicfast you can revise the content that the influencers will post. This feature allows you to correct any content that doesn’t suit the message you want to pass. Thus, you can also make the content more attractive to your audience.

It is not just important to set up your campaign the right way, you have to ensure that your campaign strategy will work and is working to meet your goals. Publicfast provides all the reports you need after your campaign has commenced. You can explore the CPM(cost per impression), cost per click, number of impressions, and others. These metrics can help you determine the success of your campaign. 

Publicfast provides you with a full picture of how your campaign will run and at the end of your campaign, you get detailed analytics on how each post and campaign worked. You can also choose to pay your chosen influencers based on the level of engagement and reach the posts get.

Channel supported: Telegram, Linkedin, B2B emails, Youtube, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter.

Our Review Verdict

Publicfast makes influencer marketing simple by taking care of every small detail. The detailed stats and analysis reports give you a 360-degree view of your campaigns and hence allow you to make informed decisions. It is highly recommended for businesses that need to boost their revenues through influencer marketing.


Main Features

Advanced influencer search engine

Influencer performance metrics (CPC, CPM etc.)

Campaign setup & reporting

Fake follower detection

Accounts analytics (niche, industry, follower growth etc.)

Direct export of influencers contact (B2B included)

What integrations are available for Publicfast?

Publicfast integrates with the following business systems and applications








Pros & Cons


The search algorithm is as good as Google

Unique performance metrics for each influencer such as cost per click and cost per impression

Supports many social media channels and B2B

Good support system

Very easy to use

Offers a free plan


Charge a service fee


Free Version



$42/ Month




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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Publicfast show the prices of influencer posts?

You can see the prices for posts for each influencer if you've purchased a subscription plan. You can also activate a trial version, with which you'll be able to see the prices for 7 days. If you don't have a subscription, you can simply run a public campaign, and then you'll be able to see posts prices.

How do I find out if the influencers have published the posts?

As soon as influencers publish their posts and leave a link in the system, you'll get notifications. After that, you can confirm their posts or send them to arbitration.

Can you filter influencers in Publicfast?

Yes, you can filter influencers in Publicfast by age, sex, reach, score, city, the niche of interests, and their posts' cost.

Does Publicfast check for fake followers of influencers?

The algorithm of the software calculates the real engagement of the influencers' audience. A quality score is generated based on this analysis. Influencers who score above 60 are usually reliable ones.

How are influencer payments processed?

When influencers publish their posts, they share the link with you. After your approval, the payment is deducted from your balance and is transferred to influencers. If you don't approve the post for three days, the payment will automatically be transferred to influencers.