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About Sociabble

Sociabble offers solutions for internal communication, employee advocacy, and employee engagement. The platform aggregates content from various sources, including official company content and user-generated content, into a curated feed of relevant material for employees to share on their social media accounts.

The content is personalized and can be organized into themed channels. Companies using Sociabble can also extend its use to their partners, affiliates, external influencers, and other third-party entities they might want to work with.

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Beyond a social media aggregator, Sociabble drives personalized internal and external information to each of your employees, no matter where they are located, including alerts and push notifications on mobile devices. This way you can stay on top of their minds and connect with them effectively throughout the course of their day.

The Advocacy Marketing features are also very powerful. You can increase your reach, traffic, and conversion rates through employee advocacy. This helps drive key marketing goals such as increasing brand visibility, boosting audience engagement and driving more traffic to the website.

Sociabble offers gamification to keep employees engaged and competitive, with incentives, surveys, and quizzes. Users can also create their own content within Sociabble and share it with groups or on their social media accounts. Admins can create challenges to incentivize employees to create quality content or campaigns.

In addition to in-depth analytics and reporting on the platform, Sociabble allows you to track website traffic generated by employees’ sharing activity and implement lead tracking. RhythmOne retargeting integration allows you to maximize the number of touchpoints with end-user audiences who engage with the content your employees share through the platform.

Our Review Verdict

Sociabble is one of the world’s leading Employee Advocacy platforms and is currently used in more than 80 countries worldwide. Its major clients include large multinationals such as Microsoft, L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, and PwC. It is fully recommended from our side as well!


Main Features

Content Creation

Employee Directory

Rewards Management

Lead Tracking

Advanced Gamification Framework

Personalized Newsletters

Performance Dashboard

Reporting & Analytics

What integrations are available for Sociabble?

Sociabble integrates with the following business systems and applications

Microsoft Teams





Workplace by Facebook


Social Wall





Pros & Cons


Provides suggested captions, which users can edit to make them authentic.

The basic purpose and configuration of the platform are very straight-forward but it can be customized for higher-level usage.

You can form channels/groups for specific purposes and ensure you cater to the interests of your audience.

Automated and customized newsletters for specific audiences.


Can’t measure engagement for a particular month/week.

Gamification is geared towards adding new users (and thus paid for seats for Sociabble), rather than incentives to promote specific campaigns by existing users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sociabble best-suited for?

Sociabble is best-suited for companies who want to improve communication among their employees and implement fruitful employee advocacy programs that help engage their employees and bring in results for the business.

Does Sociabble provide a free trial?

Sociabble does not provide a free trial for a set number of days. However, if you are interested in checking out the platform before you pay for it, you can sign up for a demo on their website.

What is included in the Gamification features of Sociabble?

Sociabble provides an Advanced Gamification framework which includes leaderboards, campaigns, challenges, and badges. It also includes comprehensive functionality for Rewards Management.

What kind of Analytics does Sociabble provide access to?

Sociabble provides access to engagement and content performance analytics, paid media analytics, personal performance dashboards, and group segmentation analytics.

What resources does Sociabble provide for learning?

Sociabble provides access to detailed publications and webinars along with published case studies on use cases. You can also schedule a demo to learn more about the platform.