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About SmartReach

SmartReach is an incredible Email Outreach software that allows marketers and advertisers to automate their email marketing campaigns. The software works best for businesses with long lists of prospects who need to be contacted regularly. You can send out cold emails and follow-ups to these prospects to maximize your business operations and sales. SmartReach adds a personalized touch to these automated emails through tags, hence increasing their effectiveness even more.

The Advanced Email Validation feature of SmartReach makes sure that the prospects do end up reading the emails. You can conduct spam tests to know if you have configured your emails correctly.

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These tests will tell you if your emails are reaching the primary inbox or the spam section of the prospect. Thus, you will then be in a better position to tweak them accordingly. Doing so will reduce your bounce rate a lot.

Another essential feature of SmartReach is its analytical capabilities. The campaigns can detect replies and stop sending emails to specific contacts depending upon their responses.

The software analyzes the campaign results on a lot of different metrics. You can download these analysis reports and share them with the key decision-makers of the organization.

There are no restrictions on the number of email accounts the software can connect with. You can consolidate the replies on all these different emails into a single inbox.

The software natively integrates with all major digital marketing platforms. Some of these include Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Zoho, and Zapier with more than 1500 applications. You can sync all the prospect lists into a single unified list and run campaigns on this list.

Besides, the software can also pull in prospect email addresses from other third-party platforms. It can easily pick up email addresses from social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter, etc. through this feature. Additionally, you can also perform bi-directional sync of contacts between your CRM and SmartReach.

SmartReach also has dedicated team collaboration features. Agencies with larger marketing teams can collaborate on projects and switch between views.

Our Review Verdict

In addition to providing email automation features, SmartReach is particularly strong with its analytics and reports. It can help improve your campaigns drastically and guide you with how to proceed with them. If you are looking for something that can automate your campaigns with a personalized touch, you need to give SmartReach a shot.


Main Features

Campaign Management

Follow-up Automation

Lead Capturing

A/B Split Testing

Prospecting Tools

Team Collaboration Tools

Smooth Integration

Email Personalization

What integrations are available for SmartReach?

SmartReach integrates with the following business systems and applications






Zoho CRM


G Suite




Zoho CRM

Pros & Cons


No limit on the number of campaigns

Any number of custom-merge tags can be created

Spam tests are highly reliable

Different email providers can be connected and used

Mail validation feature helps reduce bounce rates


Contact list filters are limited

Spam reporting is limited to 4 times a month


Free Trial

14 Days







SmartReach Logo


SmartReach is an incredible Email Outreach software that allows marketers and advertisers to automate their email marketing campaigns. The software works best for businesses with long lis... Read More

Our Score 4.7


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Frequently Asked Questions

What timezones does SmartReach support?

Smartreach supports a long list of timezones across the world. The complete list can be viewed on the official website. If at any point in time you wish to change your timezone, you can do so by going to your Settings page and editing the Profile Info section.

Is there a limit on the emails I can send with SmartReach?

You can send up to 500 emails per day from a single email account. You may integrate multiple email accounts to send more.

What happens to my account after my free trial expires?

Once the days for your free trial pass, your campaigns will be paused until you subscribe to a paid plan.

How many email accounts does SmartReach allow to be used during trial?

During your free trial, you can add only 1 sending email account. With this account, you can reach out to a max of 200 prospects. You may send multiple emails to each prospect.

How to create good cold email campaigns with SmartReach?

When you are creating a cold email campaign with SmartReach, your main goal is to make sure that your prospects read those emails and reply back to them. Pay special attention to the subject lines, body, and add a specific call to action that will make them react.