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About Influence4You

Influence4You is a leading Influencer Marketing platform with more than 160,000 subscribed influencers and access to 100 million profiles. It helps you choose the right influencers for your brand and advises you on industry-standard techniques and strategies that help bring tangible results.

Micro-influencers are 3 times more engaging than celebrities. Influence4You helps you take advantage of their authenticity, discover some great profiles and manage your campaigns with them efficiently via its comprehensive Influencer Marketing platform.

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Infleunce4You has the experience of launching more than 5000 campaigns across all sectors, 7 languages and in 35 countries on all social networks. The interface is extremely ergonomic and user–friendly and the platform is generally quite comprehensive. Additionally, you get free platform support via email or telephone when you sign up for it.

The tool connects with HypeAuditor and helps detect fake followers of influencers. This way you can select from only the most authentic influencers who have real engagement on their social media pages instead of just numbers.

Lastly, you can choose to launch paid or gift campaigns that allow you to optimize your marketing budgets and connect with only the most relevant influencers. 

All in all, Influence4You is an all-in-one tool that enables you to handle your Influencer Marketing campaigns from a single place. The tool allows you to create campaign briefs, discover influencers, negotiate contracts, manage the campaign from A-Z, create the end of operation reports, and look after the administrative side as well.

Social networks supported: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Our Review Verdict

With access to a wide database of celebrities, micro and nano-influencers, Influence4You is a great tool to get some of the coolest influencers on board to market your brand to actual consumers. The campaign management tools are easy to use and the overall interface is highly intuitive. On top of that, its powerful fake follower detection is what makes it the best in class Influencer Marketing software in Europe.


Main Features

Influencer Relationship Management

Influencer Discovery

ROI Tracking

Campaign Management

Fake Follower Detection

Payment Tracking

Consumer Marketing

Reporting & Analytics

What integrations are available for Influence4You?

Influence4You integrates with the following business systems and applications


Plugin Chrome

Pros & Cons


HypeAuditor integration provides statistics for over 100 million profiles and detects fake followers.

The platform has the most ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

You can launch campaigns in 7 languages and in 35 countries on all social networks.

You get access to free platform support (via mail or telephone).


There is no free trial for the platform.

The software has limited integrations available.





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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of campaigns can I create on Influence4You?

You can create all types of campaigns based on your needs/objectives on Influence4You: sending sample products, sponsored YouTube video, sponsored Tweet, sponsored Facebook post, sponsored Instagram post, sponsored blog posts, events.

Do I choose the influencers I collaborate with on Influence4You?

Yes. When you publish a campaign on Influence4You, influencers that are interested apply to it. You then get to pick the ones that are most relevant to this collaboration. You can also send messages to other influencers asking them for collaboration.

How do I connect with influencers through Influence4You?

You can chat with influencers that have applied to your campaigns directly on your Influence4You account. You can also send emails to registered influencers through the platform.

Can I measure the success of my campaigns through Influence4You?

In your Influence4You account, you have real-time access to all your campaign statistics such as the campaign cost, number of views, number of likes, audience age, etc. These insights can be really helpful can give you a better understanding of your performance.

Can I manage multiple brands on Influence4You?

Yes, by subscribing to the “Agency” offer you get access to a multi-account interface from which you can run unlimited campaigns for all your clients. You may also invoice clients separately, and have branded reports for each of them.