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About Glue

Glue is a smart members club & loyalty program, designed to help local businesses to improve customer retention and repeat purchases. The software is comprised of three main parts: a branded members’ club app, a desktop workspace, and a mobile admin app.

You can fully customize the members’ club app with your own branding.

Your customers can install the app to receive all discounts, coupons, or other benefits you offer through SMS texts, emails, and more.

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With Glue, you can personalize customer rewards based on their information or any other holidays or important dates that may come up. Glue also allows you to create digital loyalty cards that can be punched to collect loyalty points with each purchase. These points may be redeemed later to get a reward.

The desktop workspace and mobile admin app let you manage your members’ club from a single place. The admin panel shows essential information like the total number of members in your club, the revenue your loyalty program is generating, and a few other reports.

Glue’s automatic AI can create ideal Google ad campaigns using your customer data, according to your defined goals and budget. Plus, geofencing allows you to generate walk-in business by targeting customers located near you.

The platform allows you to invite customers to your loyalty club manually or let them self-register on their phones. You can also import data directly from your CRM, with unlimited contact storage space.

Glue acts as an automated loyalty manager with self-run rewards, performance tracking and self-optimization. The software automatically creates weekly engagement plans and loyalty strategies based on customer data and the performance of your past campaigns.

Our Review Verdict

Glue is a brilliant customer loyalty platform and members club that works well for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. It is highly recommended for businesses operating in the retail sector or providing consumer services.


Main Features

Members Club App

Referral Tracking

Digital Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Points System

Customer Activity Tracking

Discount Management

Customer Rewards Management

Customer Feedback Management

What integrations are available for Glue?

Glue integrates with the following business systems and applications


Google Ads


Facebook Messenger





Pros & Cons


The software provides all major loyalty tools in one place, eliminating the need to hire an external digital agency.

The automated loyalty manager takes away manual labor and puts your loyalty program on auto-pilot.

The Google Ads integration allows ad campaigns to be created automatically using existing customer data.

Geofencing helps improve local business and attract clients close to you.


The graphical user interface is not as user-friendly as other similar tools.


Free Trial

14 Days

1-7 members


8-50 members


51-100 members



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Glue platform have a free version?

As long as you have 1 to 7 members you will not be charged for using Glue. Once you reach 8 members or more, you will be charged according to your total members. The software also provides a 14-day free trial without requiring any credit card information.

Can I customize the members club app?

Yes, you can fully customize the members club app with your own branding and labels. You can also edit the colors and theme of the app.

Can I connect Glue with my own website or POS?

Yes, you can connect Glue with external websites. The platform supplies an API that will connect with your website and/or your POS system.

What does the Glue admin app do?

The Glue Admin app allows you to keep track of your business revenue, members club and a lot more from your mobile device. You can also invite new customers as well as use our own POS system in the Glue Admin app.

What happens to my members club app when I cancel subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, your app will be removed from all app stores along with all credits and reviews. The app will not be available for users who have already installed it.