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About BrandChamp

BrandChamp is one of the leading marketing platforms for automating and scaling ambassador, influencer and affiliate programs. The software is mainly a relationship marketing software since its goal is to build good relationships between the brand and its ambassadors. This relationship leads towards more sales, increased brand awareness, and social engagement. With just one platform, you can recruit, create campaigns, track performance and issue rewards.

The features it offers are really useful. Their system has with everything you need to launch and manage your campaigns. You don’t need to get any extra services from other platforms at all.

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You start with an easy-to-use form builder, which you can share with potential ambassadors. Each participant gets their own referral link. After that, you can start creating campaigns for your ambassadors. You are also able to track who is doing well and getting a lot of engagement. In addition, you can use tags to segment your participants for targeted campaigns.

Incentivize your ambassadors and affiliates, in order to motivate them and make them participate more. With BrandChamp, you can create your rewards catalogue and let them auto-issue rewards, which saves you time. Also, you can assign payments from referral sales automatically.

Within the platform, you can engage with your brand ambassadors by creating milestones for them to achieve. These may be as simple as posting a product review, sharing discount codes, social media shares or other activities. Once they complete these activities, you can reward them for their efforts.

Another key feature of BrandChamp is its integration into Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and Google Analytics, in order to track referral sales through cookies, links and discount codes. This is important because it allows you to measure how your ambassadors, affiliates and influencers contribute to your sales.

Our Review Verdict

To sum everything up, BrandChamp is a great tool to automate your ambassador programs if you don’t want to handle every small detail manually. It gives you a high level of convenience since it integrates well with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can easily verify and approve participant activities from your dashboard with just one click. You can put your trust in BrandChamp for effective results.


Main Features

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube integrations

Referral tracking links management

Cookie tracking

All major e-commerce platforms integrations

Social media activities tracking in real time

Points system

Email notification system

Analytics & Reporting

What integrations are available for BrandChamp?

BrandChamp integrates with the following business systems and applications




Google Analytics




Pros & Cons


An all-in-one platform

Great support

Complimentary 1-on-1 training

Rewards and commission automation

Great gamification capabilities

E-commerce integration


Expensive for startups

A bit of a learning curve to master all features


Free Trial

No. Demo only


195$/ Month


450$/ Month


1200$/ Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enable Mass Payments with BrandChamp?

BrandChamp allows mass payments with PayPal. In order to use the mass payments feature within PayPal, you must first get approval for the feature within your PayPal account.

Does BrandChamp allow auto-issued awards?

Auto-issued rewards can be issued automatically from the BrandChamp portal. They are mostly suitable for reward types which can be created automatically by the system such as discount codes or gift cards. All other types of rewards need to be manually issued.

How does BrandChamp detect referrals?

BrandChamp detects referrals by regularly synchronizing orders from your store and checking them to see if they contain either a discount code matching a referral discount code configured in the system or simply a referral code matching a BrandChamp referral tracking link.

When are Referral commissions issued in BrandChamp?

Referral commissions are generally paid out after a delay of about 14 days. BrandChamp waits 14 days by default after the referral was detected so that if an order is changed or cancelled, the system receives the correct amount of points, or none at all if the order is cancelled later.

Does BrandChamp allow sending test emails?

Yes, you can run test emails before sending it to the final recipients. Before sending a new email to BrandChamps, you can use the "Test" button shown below to send yourself a copy if you wish to check how it will look in an actual email inbox.