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The 6 Best Tools to Create Customer Personas (Free and Paid

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 11 minute read Marketing Tools

Defining your target customers is an essential first step for any business or marketing strategy!

Creating customer personas gives you detailed and insightful prototypes of the ideal customers on which to focus your efforts.   

Persona creation is a complex process that requires both art and science. You need extensive data analytics to get valuable insights from your customer data. 

Then, some creativity is needed to translate that persona into content for your sales, social media, blogging, or marketing teams to easily and effectively reach your target audience.

Luckily, there are excellent persona generator tools you can use to create detailed buyer personas!

Today, we explain the persona design process and review top machine-learning persona generator tools that allow you to start crafting (or refine and improve) your customer persona strategy. 

Let’s jump right in!

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    Quick Comparison: Best B2C & B2B Persona Generators (Free & Paid)

    Here is a quick comparison (full reviews further down) of the top persona generators to use for both B2B and B2C: 

    Best Persona Generators

    B2B or B2C?


    Our P2P Rating 

    Mnemonic AI

    • B2B and B2C

    • Custom Pricing



    • B2B

    • Free Plan

    • Basic: $12 per member, p/m

    • Professional: $25 per memeber, p/m

    • Company: From $90 p/m (3 - 15 team members)


    HubSpot –

    Make My Persona

    • B2B

    • Free



    • B2C

    • Free Plan

    • Starter: $16 per user, p/m 

    • Pro: $36 per user, p/m 

    • Enterprise: Custom Pricing


    Fiverr - Persona Generation Gigs 

    • B2B & B2C

    • Gig Based: $5-$150 depending on the freelancer and job specifications 


    Live Persona

    by Delve AI

    • B2B & B2C

    • Free Plan

    • Standard: $89 p/m

    • Growth: $199 p/m

    • Pro: $549 p/m


    Scroll down for the full reviews and more detail on pricing, and the pros and cons of each option!

    The Top B2B & B2C User Persona Generators

    Today, there are plenty of persona-creator tools on the market, which is why we’ve done the research to bring you the most effective tools available for both B2B and B2C, including some great free options!

    1. Mnemonic AI (B2B & B2C) – Paid

    Persona Generators - Screenshot of the Mnemonic AI homepage

    Mnemonic AI creates data-driven and dynamic buyer personas with fully automated Artificial Intelligence.

    Their tool has such innovation that there is no manual work involved, and Mnemonic AI uses publicly available and internal data to create complex and accurate personas. 

    This is great for creating content for your PowerPoint presentation, as you can quickly mark it off the to-do list. Something every entrepreneur loves.

    Deep neural networks handle data analysis, the writing of the personas, and image generation.

    A key element is the psychological component of the personas, which allows for psychographic targeting and includes an ad copy and communication recommendation engine.

    Mnemonic AI creates B2B and B2C buyer personas and works with clients of all sizes, from SMEs to well-known corporations like Henkel, Siemens, Yamaha, and the Discovery Channel.


    • Complexity and accuracy of personas
    • No manual work is involved
    • Export to PNG
    • 100% data-driven
    • Provides psychographic insights
    • Available in 128 countries


    • Only available as a service


    Pricing: Pricing on request

    2. Xtensio (B2B) – Free & Paid

    Kopie von Sample_Insights_Salesforce_Marketing_Cloud

    Xtensio is another great B2B and B2C persona creator tool with an extremely user-centric interface.

    Xtensio also allows you to create presentations with various free persona templates divided into respective categories. You can even export slides to PNG or PDF.

    It’s definitely a path worth pursuing for those who prioritize convenience and professionalism over everything else.


    • User-friendly interface with
    • Drag and drop builder
    • Convenient pricing


    • You can’t save your documents within the free plan or export your files outside of the platform without losing some quality in the process


    • Free Forever: 3 projects, unlimited team members, 10 MB storage, and three million+ stock media
    • Basic: $12 per member, p/month for unlimited projects, unlimited team members, 100 MB storage, 3 million+ stock media, and no watermarks
    • Professional: $25 per member, p/month for unlimited projects, unlimited team members, 100 MB storage, 3 million+ stock media, no watermarks, and private team folders
    • Company: From $90 p/month for unlimited projects, 3 – 15 team members, 1 GB storage, 3 million+ stock media, no watermarks, private team folders, and custom links

    3.HubSpot – Make My Persona (B2B) – Free

    UXpressia persona
    UXpressia persona

    HubSpot’s “Make My Persona” is a free persona template that gives you everything you need to create and manage your generated users through a light and easy-to-follow process. 

    Specifically designed for B2B businesses, Hubspot lets you add a wide variety of factors to your personas. 

    These include basics like the client’s name and profession, as well as more advanced factors like the tools they might use the most and the hierarchical position they’re likely to hold within a specific organization.

    Making it easier for your team to create on-brand social media content and stay on track. 

    The free version has limited graphics options but will still save you from hiring a graphic designer to draw something up for you.


    • Free plan
    • Easiness of use
    • Customizable questions
    • Great for social media content creation


    • Few graphic options are available
    • Lack of multiple editable formats (you can’t edit the persona within PDF or Word formats).



    • Free Forever!  

    4. Uxpressia (B2C) – Free & Paid

    Both a B2C persona creator and journey-mapping visualization software, Uxpressia offers a unique combination of value and great features such as machine learning. 

    It’s easily shareable with team members and an extremely responsive tool to use.


    • User-friendly design
    • Drag and Drop Images
    • Highly responsive
    • Lack of customizable user persona


    • Limited edit options



    • Free Forever: 1 project, one customer journey map (CJM), and email support
    • Starter: $16 per user, p/month for three projects, three CJM, email support, and presentation mode
    • Pro: $36 per user, p/month for unlimited projects, unlimited CJM, premium support, presentation mode, and branding
    • Enterprise: Custom price

    5.Fiverr’s Persona Generation Gigs (B2B & B2C) – Paid

    Xtensio buyer persona

    Fiverr is not exactly a generator tool, but it is worth mentioning here because you can find some truly talented customer persona experts to help you create detailed, accurate, and insightful avatars. 

    Some of them will go the extra mile to understand you, your company, products, and services to tailor personas that meet your unique needs or inform specific issues in your sales funnel.


    • Great market research
    • Manual and personalized approach
    • Some sellers know your target audience from previous projects
    • Fully customizable
    • It can be very affordable


    • It does not work for very complex businesses

    Website: Fiverr

    Pricing: $5-$150, based on the freelancer you hire 

    6.Live Persona by Delve AI (B2C and B2B) – Free & Paid

    B2B Persona Example Delve AI

    Live Persona automatically creates segment-specific buyer personas from your Google Analytics. 

    Details generated include influential resources, preferences/interests, goals/challenges, demographics, quotes, industry-specific insights and sample user(B2C) or organization (B2B) journeys.

    These data-driven, AI-generated personas are very useful to understand your most desirable segments, improve customer experience and refine targeting ideas.


    • Used by thousands of businesses in 60+ countries
    • Automatic generation and updates, saving time and money
    • E-commerce segment personas (e.g., cart abandoner, repeat buyer, one-time buyer)


    • Currently uses only Google Analytics as an input data source  



    • Free Forever: 1 website, three days of historical data, and 3 – 6 segmentations
    • Standard: $89 p/month for 1 website, up to 15k monthly visitors, one month of historical data, and 3 – 6 segmentations
    • Growth: $199 p/month for 1 website, up to 50k monthly visitors, one-month historical data, 3 – 6 segmentations, and 20 buyer journeys
    • Pro: $549 p/month for 1 website, up to 500k monthly visitors, one-month historical data, 4 – 8 segmentations, and 20 buyer journeys

    What is a User Persona?

    A user persona (also called a customer, buyer, marketing, or audience persona) is a detailed, semi-fictional description of a person who represents someone in your target audience. 

    Customer personas are created to clearly define who you are targeting and provide insight into how you can connect with them more effectively.

    They are based on research data that includes demographic and psychographic characteristics, as well as more narrowly defined data points specific to your real/current buyers and industry.

    These include things like attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that impact the actions you want them to take so that you can refine your marketing strategies to address these factors. 

    From a business standpoint, creating buyer personas enables you to better understand your customer base and craft strategies to improve customer satisfaction, as well as drive repeat purchases.

    3 User Persona Examples for B2B and B2C Brands

    We now know what a buyer persona is.

    We’ve also walked through various persona-creator tools that can help you create accurate, detailed profiles of your “best buyers.” 

    For each business, this could be different, but some examples could be:

    • Yoga Instructor
    • Programmer
    • Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Philosopher
    • Historian
    • Novelist
    • Podcaster
    • And many, many, more!

    Now, let’s take a look at some different user persona examples from different industries to see what your customer profiles could look like and how to contextualize them in your own strategy:

    1. B2B Buyer Persona Example: SaaS Business

    B2B Persona Example Delve AI


    This is the prototype for a B2B communication funnel. The end-user is a busy marketing manager looking for ways to achieve all of her goals without losing her mind in the process.

    2. B2C Buyer Persona Example: Travel Agency

    This is a classic example of B2C user persona targeting. 

    In this case, the business/creator is a travel agency whose objective is to target people like Max, who are interested and actually engage in traveling a lot.

    B2C buyer persona example
    Image Credit: Text Request

    The objective of this buyer persona spreadsheet is to create a user-centered understanding of customers’ interests and behaviors during a typical leisure trip, facilitating a stress-free traveling experience.

    3. B2C Buyer Persona Example: Coffee Shop

    Transitioning to another B2C scenario, let’s explore a coffee shop endeavoring to reposition itself as a tranquil haven ideal for meditation and creativity, particularly appealing to those seeking respite from a demanding workweek.

    Meet Sarah, a midjourney scholar fatigued from her rigorous studies, yearning for either a peaceful ambiance conducive to meditation or an unconventional experience to invigorate her senses before embarking on another intellectual endeavor.

    Through innovative promotions, discounts, or engaging contests, a coffee shop could serve as the perfect sanctuary for her needs.

    Industries and niches evolve, but the essence of accurately delineating personas remains unchanged.

    As depicted in these visuals, buyer personas can be articulated through various mediums, much like the diverse interests and goals relevant to your business.

    Benefits of Using Avatar Generators to Create Accurate and Insightful Customer Profiles

    Personas are an effective way to communicate your customer strategy throughout your organization, and using a customer persona creator is the most effective way to craft a good persona. 

    Persona Generators - Buyer Persona Stats
    Image: The Startup on Medium

    Having a good buyer offers several important benefits, including:

    • Informing your product managers of the customer pain points they need to address during product development.
    • Gives your sales team a way to identify the best customers to appraoch, who are most likely to purchase, and how best to reach them.
    • Enable your marketing team to make data-driven marketing decisions to craft personalized content and campaigns, select the right marketing channels, and find the most relevant social influencers.

    Take a look at this interesting example of using customer personas to your best (tremendous!) advantage: How to Craft Your Buyer Persona? For Starters Do it Like Trump! – The Startup Medium.

    Final Thoughts 

    The only way to reach your business goals is to know our best buyers inside out, along with how to communicate with them in their own tone of voice and identify and address their real challenges. 

    That is how to provide great solutions for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term brand success!

    Creating buyer personas with a persona generator tool is essential for quick, accurate, and insightful profiles of your current and ideal customers. 

    All of the software we reviewed here are great options with their own pros and cons, so take a moment to assess your options and find the one that best meets your needs and, of course, your budget!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a buyer persona?

    A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your business's customers or potential customers. Businesses use persona generator tools to determine their ideal type of client based on demographics, behaviors, and motives. A buyer persona is someone who actually makes the purchasing decisions. Take a look at our list of the best customer profile generators and how to create yours.

    How to create a buyer persona?

    Different factors need to be taken into consideration when creating a buyer persona. It is usually good to start by determining the various demographic variables, such as a customer's age, gender, marital status, income level, or education. Read the full review to find the tools you need and learn how to create an accurate buyer persona.

    What are the best persona generators?

    The top B2B persona generators include MnemonicAI, Xtensio, HubSpot's Make My Persona, Uxpressia, and Delve AI. If you want to outsource the persona creation process, you can also look for a user persona generator expert on Fiverr. Check out the full review to learn more about the best free and paid tools to use for quick, detailed and insightful profiles of your best customers.