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We offer business agency services to improve your PPC performance. We also help marketers and digital startups get the training and support they need to take paid search to the next level.

We host the Paid Search Magic Podcast and publish articles to help you grow in all aspects of PPC.
The following three concepts summarize our work:

Simple – We focus on human connections, wants and desires. We avoid arbitrary rules and meaningless metrics.

Strategic – We have a plan – a good plan – before we start spending money. We are not just “buying traffic” or optimizing for algorithms.

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Scalable – We use process and automation to deliver optimal and efficient results at any level of business growth.
We work directly with marketing managers, directors, vice presidents, and CMOs to achieve their goals and rapidly increase their paid search performance. Here’s how it works: We know your business and goals; We have developed a strategic roadmap to guide our efforts; We support all elements of the process, including landing page guidance, conversion tracking, and integrations; We build campaigns and directions to achieve your goals; We optimize for the purpose of improving the quality of life of your customers.

We are not your typical digital marketing agency.
We are real people. We check and respond to emails. We keep our commitments.
If we think we cannot help you, we will let you know.
We know you and your goals, needs, and constraints to create a custom plan designed for your priorities.
If you want to test an approach that is unlikely to get the results you want, we will address it.
We recommend only strategies designed to achieve your goals and grow your business.
We make you look smart every step of the way – from accurate strategy to actionable reporting.




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