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Lean Digital works with agencies by becoming a strategic partner for PPC and complementary media services.

Complexity is stripped as everything is taken care of; including creation, configuration, copywriting, optimization, conversion tracking, and reporting.

Success is based on the return on investment delivered and the quality of the relationships built. The partnership with Lean digital allows you to take advantage of our paid media strategy and our compliance experience to offer the best campaigns for your customers whenever you need it.

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It reduces the pressures of working with unreliable contractors, or the expense of hiring internally by offering a simple and reliable solution in the short or long term.  This service is for agencies and business owners who wish to offer paid marketing services to their clients but who require additional experience or bandwidth to carry out campaigns.  We provide you with the ability to offer paid marketing services to your customers when you don’t have the internal experience or don’t have enough capacity to offer the best results possible.

From a design perspective, we also offer the creation of landing pages and creative design and production. Sending traffic to a page that has not been created specifically to convert cold traffic will not maximize the return on investment. Landing pages have a crucial role to play in the success of each campaign that is launched.

Designing and optimizing high conversion landing pages is both a science and an art.  Regarding creatives, improve CTRs with creatives designed to maximize ROI.Quality creativity is needed to create effective brand recognition. Get custom creatives produced on Display, Facebook and Instagram to ensure that your client’s ads are not only seen, but noticed to increase clickthrough rates and ultimately conversions.




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