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About Fourstarzz

Fourstarzz Media is a member of the Forbes Agency Council. It is an influencer platform that focuses on providing high-quality service at low costs to small and medium-sized businesses. It has a database focused mostly on nano and micro-influencers.  

You gain unlimited access to over 750,000 influencer profiles, spread over 21 influencer categories, and 7 social media channels from this platform. Fourstarzz Media allows you to search through the influencer profiles. It has filters like demographics, language, engagement, location, estimated price, and more. 

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You can create lists of the influencers you choose, reach out to them directly using email data, and project the likely campaign results of collaboration on dynamic dashboards. Fourstarzz allows for unlimited revisions on your choice of influencers. You also get a say in the content influencers put up for you before it is posted. 

You have the right to use any of the previous content of the influencer for the marketing of your brand. After getting the right content out with suitable influencers for your brand, Fourstarzz helps you control your programs and implement the right strategies for success.

Fourstarzz provides a tracking tool that helps you monitor the progress of your campaigns. You can also design the content of your campaigns on the platform. Fourstarzz also gives recommendations on the type of influencers, content format, channels, and much more that will suit your business. 

Another unique functionality that Fourstarzz offers is unlimited access to detailed influencer reports. These reports help you know details like follower quality, audience demographics, brand affinity, and influencer lookalikes. 

The advanced search filters options help you cut through a large number of influencers. You can filter by location, interests, demographics, reach, estimated price, engagement, and so on. You also get to search using hashtags and keywords. 

The platform allows you to compare influencers. You can also control each step of the campaign process with the laid out guidelines on Fourstarzz. 

Channels supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snap, Blogs


Main Features

Influencer search and discovery

Third-party analytics

Influencer campaign management

Relationship management

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Influencer content creation hub

Influencer compensation


Free trial





$531/one year

Pros & Cons


Unlimited access to all features

Fixed pricing plan

Helpful recommendations and intuitive setup

High quality for a low price/Value for money

Suitable for small businesses

Advanced search filters


Influencer's contact is not provided

No free trial or account


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Visit Website

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