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eSales Hub is unique in the Search space in that we pay for Google and our clients pay per lead. Beyond that, we are able to track online search that ends up offline. The keywords that drive those phone calls are nearly impossible to track but we have managed it. The ROI is king and we can show our clients exactly what has converted into sales.

We know how to use data, so you’ll have more sales. eSales Hub is tracking all your clicks from traffic to sale, for both online and offline sales activities. This way we can optimize Google Ads consistently and you only pay per the leads you got. eSales Hub is focused on local search campaigns since the local audience makes about half of each business’s customers. This is Google ‘s fastest-growing search category.

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Since local search behaves differently, businesses need to adjust the information they present on their website and track and measure success differently. How do we manage to do this? We identify your best customers (buyer personas), build dedicated local landing pages, conduct real-time keywords research to identify the best value ones for your business, measure and track results on an hourly basis, optimize all of the campaign aspects, and learning and improving throughout the project. eSales Hub Analytics dashboard allows you to know how many calls, forms fill and sales conversions you’ve had in real-time. You can also listen to all of the calls with your leads and use insights to train your sales team.

eSales Hub is a Google Premier Partner, an agency that has demonstrated a high level of expertise, technical knowledge, and extraordinary client success. As Google and Facebook are investing to enable businesses to target users based on their location, eSales Hub urges businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and start driving high-intent leads for their growth. By offering businesses to pay per lead, we take the risk of their media spend (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and the assurance to provide them with high converting leads under their brand.

This model forces us to be the best in our field, and to semi, handpick leads based on their quality and chances to be converted into paying customers for the businesses we work with. Every business is unique, and by mapping your customer contact list, we can identify your high-value customers that can be found both on Google and Facebook.




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