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Common Ground is a results-focused digital marketing agency that consistently provides the visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions our clients need, as well as the service-levels they want.

Common Ground has a proven track record in multiple sectors of designing and implementing campaigns across organic and paid channels that drive double or triple-digit growth for our clients. Common ground is an award-winning growth agency that delivers great results for businesses through PPC and paid media campaigns, combined with engaging content and advanced SEO practices. Our growth strategies are laser-focused on achieving your goals, and on consistently improving results and impact for your business. Common ground was founded by two experienced and highly driven digital marketers, Daniel Bianchini & Matthew Taylor, that partnered to deliver their shared vision: an extraordinary digital marketing experience.

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SMEs served by Common ground enjoy a highly skilled and committed team of experts, dedicated to understand their business and help them grow. PPC: Our PPC campaigns are built across channels, to drive optimal growth of high intent users, in a way organic channels can’t. Our PPC strategy approach is designed around your business goals, combining multi-channel to achieve optimal return on ad investment. We build our PPC campaigns based on best practices and keep optimizing them on an ongoing basis to achieve better results over time.

The channels we use for our PPC campaigns include Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn. SEO: SEO is designed and managed in a tailored way to your business goals and resources. We prioritize our SEO efforts in a way that will impact the most on your website, assuring your budget is well optimized and used. After years of experience in growing traffic based on SEO, we developed a unique methodology that proves to be working time and time again. Some of our clients reached triple the traffic thanks to our SEO practices that were applied.

Content: Common Ground is producing high-quality content, that combines creativity with precision. All our content strategies and plans are designed to support your general growth strategy, to boost brand awareness and to generate relevant leads for your business. Since every campaign will combine content, our content team has the experience in creating custom content that will fir your campaign goals. Common ground is working with UK’s growing brands that enjoy higher ROI on their digital marketing efforts YoY.




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