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Cedarwood digital has more than 10 years’ experience working in digital marketing with some of the UK’s biggest (and smallest) names. This is a boutique growth agency with a proven track record & exceptional client retention rate that is used to work closely with businesses in-house teams to achieve goals together.

This agency offers a range of digital marketing services including Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click Management, Affiliate Management, Social Media Marketing & Web Development. With over 25 year’s combined experience, Cedarwood’s team of PPC and SEO professionals are best suited to drive your digital marketing strategies with innovative and successful campaigns. PPC management: Cedarwood offers Google AdWords & Bing Ads PPC full management services. Our strategies cover Google Search, Shopping, Display, Video & Mobile. Our goal is to increase your sales and improve your ROAS. When building and managing PPC campaigns, we combine creativity with data and insights. Our tailored reporting is customized to each business’s needs and metrics.

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Our reporting is integrated with Google and Bing so you won’t have to jump between different platforms to track the performance of your campaign. We use display ads to drive brand awareness and lead generation, based on super creative and engaging ads that catch the eye and attention and generate traffic to your website. Remarketing is a great way to get past users to visit your website again and get converted into clients.

This is why remarketing is part of the PPC strategies we offer our clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Our SEO team is skilled at making and applying the right content and technical recommendations to improve your rankings on search engines significantly. We do it by reviewing your website content, analyzing load times and website structure, and more. Training and consultation: We help businesses overcome the digital skills gap through various training options – tailored to meet your business in-house needs.​

Cedarwood has wide experience, consulting and training a range of businesses in a variety of different verticals. Online PR: We build link building strategies that help businesses get a high ranking in the places it’s important for them the most. We use traditional PR practices, combined with advanced methodologies, to build your business’s perfect online PR. Find out how Cedarwood can help optimize and enhance your digital campaigns today.




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