41 Customer Loyalty Statistics & 10 Benefits for SMEs [2020 Update]

Author Bio: Daniel Ndukwu is the founder of KyLeads. There, he helps small businesses and publishers understand their audience and grow their email lists using smart popups and quizzes. 

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5 Best Loyalty Programs and How to Simply Create Yours

Customer loyalty programs are a vital part of retail marketing strategies. Are you hunting for some inspiration for yours? With all the focus on complex gamification and personalization, simple and successful loyalty program ideas might be hard to come by. An easy way to find inspiration is from the “best in show” – those big…

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5 Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Its Effects on Your Business

Ever had difficulty retaining your current clients? Imagine this: you have the best product, the most advanced marketing tool, you’re actively engaging in social media, and you have pretty much established your brand in the industry. But there seems to be lacking. Somehow, you notice that you do not have recurring customers. Your customers are…

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Loyalty Marketing- The Definitive Guide for 2020 and Beyond

Loyalty Marketing has been a part of marketing strategies for years. Recently, it has started to emerge as a new wave of marketers turn their focus towards retention and loyalty. But, customer acquisition is everything, right? Nowadays, marketers are still investing the majority of their time and budget in the big question: “How do I…

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Measuring and Increasing Customer Loyalty: 8 Simple Ways

Customer loyalty is an important part of a business’ success and turns one-time buyers into returning customers. You can implement strategies to acquire the customer, but it’s your job to enhance their customer experience and keep them coming back. In order to maintain customer loyalty, you need to actively invest in your customers and maintain…

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Customer Marketing: The 2020 Guide [+ 3 Powerful Strategies & Examples]

Not all customers are the same. Of course, we know this! So, why are marketers still ignoring the immense impact that customer marketing strategies have on sales? This could boil down to a number of reasons such as: A lack of understanding of the definitions of customer marketing and retention strategies A disconnect between marketing…

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