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About The Reach Group

The Reach Group (TRG) is an online marketing company based out of Germany. It started its operations in 2002 as one of the pioneers of digital marketing in Germany.

TRG specializes in all kinds of services related to online marketing including, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising, and lead generation.

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The affiliate marketing services by TRG are highly effective, transparent, and budget-friendly. The affiliate solutions are tailored according to the specific needs of the businesses. The business is connected with some of the strongest selling affiliates which have an audience base in the segment the business is trying to approach. This way the business gets access to qualified leads, with the highest potential for conversion.

TRG provides cross-channel, user-centred performance marketing to its clients through its balanced and well thought out strategies. Other functions besides Affiliate Marketing cover almost all aspects there are to digital marketing. 

The agency provides an all-round online marketing service including advertising media optimization, A / B tests, campaign management, reports and individual advertising media creation.

What makes The Reach Group unique is that it joins together four different companies with vast experience in the industry and a deep understanding of their respective fields. Some of the best assets of TRG are its leading in-house technology and an experienced team. The user-centred approach and a comprehensive channel reach are what really make the difference in driving a successful and holistic marketing campaign.



Berlin, Germany

Am Karlsbad 16, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany

Erkrather Str.228a, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany


Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Programmatic Advertising
Lead Generation
Search Engine Advertising
Influencer Marketing



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