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Storyboard is an award-winning, Dutch, multi-channel digital publisher that was founded in 2013. Storyboard provides Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing services to businesses to help them connect with their customers, build meaningful relationships, and maximize revenues.

Storyboard takes care of the influencer strategy creation, content development, distribution, and community management with the help of its in-house team of marketers.

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It particularly helps brands connect with younger, more critical audiences that consume a lot of digital media. Various social tactics are used to connect brands with consumers and convert them into lifelong friends.

The agency also has an in-house digital content production studio that has been developing award-winning content for leading brands for years. This production studio specializes in digital film, social media content, photography, and post-production. Brands work in collaboration with both micro and celebrity level influencers to develop high-quality content at this studio, which is then leveraged to engage the audience.

Storyboard owes its success to its team of marketing specialists, strategic masterminds, and creative content creators that come together to develop campaigns that are bound to succeed. A team of data-nerds closely monitors the performance on these campaigns and provides their valuable input on how the campaigns can be optimized even further. This way any brand that walks into Storyboard leaves with a maximum ROI and incredibly successful social media campaigns.



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