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About Hamster Garage

Hamster Garage is a global partnership marketing agency specializing in industry-leading partnership programs, including affiliates, brand partnerships, influencers, podcasts, and third-party email.

The founder of Hamster Garage left his role at Airbnb managing a multi-million dollar global affiliate program to start Hamster Garage. Being a young agency working with leading VC-backed, growth-oriented brands, Hamster Garage is valued for its in-house experience and success in building robust partner programs.

This usually means working from onboarding traditional affiliate partners to moving up the funnel and working with content partners and strategic partners.

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Hamster Garage’s clients rely on their services for full partner program management covering affiliates, influencers, and podcasts — all through a strong performance and efficiency lens.

Based in Chicago, Hamster Garage works with brands like Airbnb, Canva, and Turo. They focus on retail/direct-to-consumer, marketplaces, financial services, and telehealth.

Hamster Garage’s client programs have won global awards like the 2020 International Performance Marketing Award’s ‘Best Managed Affiliate Programme – APAC’ and have been featured in publications like Marketing Mag.




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