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About Bright Innovation

Bright is a world-leading B2B agile marketing consultancy, with strong expertise in tech and growth marketing. It was founded in 2013 with one goal of accelerating business growth for its clients and pushing their marketing game forward to turn in better results.

Bright bases its core competency on the concept of Agile marketing. Agile marketing is data-driven and focuses on continual improvement through testing and optimization. The agency uses clear KPIs and metrics to understand performance and show ROI, making business case creation and investment decisions easy.

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The lead generation services are based on pilot campaigns that last for a period of 12 weeks. This allows the strategy to self-optimize and convert more, faster. Besides an optimal lead generation strategy set on auto-pilot, the agency also believes in building long term relationships with clients so your lead pipeline also gets personalized and the clients you acquire have a longer lifetime value.

The content strategy is based on a long-term plan that is consistent with the brand goals and has a top-notch design element to it. The graphics are extremely eye-catching and leave a long-lasting, memorable impact on the audience.

The work they are doing on the data and research side is also pretty amazing. Data is collected and maintained in a systematic manner and a critical approach is taken in answering tough business questions through appropriate analytical techniques. The research part is always tailored to meet your specific business needs and supports your market planning and business case creation.

The team at Bright Innovation has a laser-like focus. They focus only on what adds value and try to push all day-to-day distractions away. They work as a cross-functional team and leverage their skills and clarity of action to drive results. 




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