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Ad Store is a New-York based advertising agency. They manage integrated marketing plans, from traditional media to unconventional projects all stemmed from their core belief in the power of human communication.

They offer the full spectrum of marketing services: Advertising Brand design & identity Storytelling & content production Public Relations Social Media & Strategy, Strategy & Design Packaging Brand activation Digital marketing.

They have worked with brands from all industries from Transportation to E-commerce creating inspirational marketing strategies with the use of creative messaging communication.

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Just to name a few… They have helped Jet-blue (a low-cost airline carrier) from the very beginning, with the message “It’s not the only way to fly, but it should be” – that was developed as the brand platform, using wit, humor, and style to deliver JetBlue’s promise to provide the most pleasant flying experience available.

The Barilla Group successfully promoted its products and restaurants as healthy and joyful food habits, while also have a lower environmental impact, riding on the sustainability trend. The (now famous) online shoe store owes its “Zappiness” (their marketing play on Happiness) to Ad Store for their unique user experience branding and marketing language. And while there are many more to mention it is clear they are all guided by Ad Store’s fast and creative thought process. Their ability to tap into the consumer’s motivation and thought process and translate that into brand-building strategy and messaging is not an easy process, but they make it seem natural, mostly, because that kind of thinking is in their nature.



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